Trending worldwide - water bottles made of PC

Trending worldwide - water… Thirsty on the go or at the office? Water dispensers are available today in many places. The containers, which were first developed to provide water for offices in the USA, have long since found a home in supermarkets, retail stores, medical practices and fitness studios all over the world. However, in places where the public drinking water supply is not enough, these containers supply precious water. As a result, the demand for PC (polycarbonate) water bottles is increasing worldwide.

To this day polycarbonate (PC) is the most used material in the manufacturing of water bottle containers over 10 litres. This is due to the excellent material properties for stability, cleaning and transparency. Thanks to the transparency of the PC water bottle, with just a quick glance at the water level you can see when it is time to replace it. Replacing the water bottle is easy thanks to the practical cartridge system. The high-quality optics of the container also adds an appealing look to the water. The container size of 5 gallons (18.93 litres) is a widely used standard size with high quantities. It is designed in such a way that it fits all dispensers which are common in the market.

BA series with high market shares

Extrusion blow moulding plants for BEKUM's BA series have been firmly established in this market segment for years. The BA 25 by BEKUM is a very marketable PC water bottles machine that combines high performance and efficiency. With a clamping force of 200kN and its compact footprint, the BA 25 is the obvious choice for manufacturing water containers. It has a very stable clamping unit and is highly wear-resistant. The BA 25 machine has been designed for high durability as well as long production capability and has long provided a reliable and, above all, economic contribution to the drinking water supply via water dispensers worldwide.

Clamping and plasticising unit impresses in production

The quality of the BA 25 from BEKUM is apparent: The BA 25 machine is designed for discontinuous accumulator operation as well as bottom calibration and uses parison spreaders with vertical adjustment. Modern controls and hydraulics allow the processor very accurate repeatable cycles for high efficiency production. The BA 25 system has also excellent plastification. BEKUM extruders use a special screw geometry for optimum homogenisation of the material. An energy-saving AC motor ensures that the material is melted gently at low rotational speeds. The patented spiral mandrel distributor head technology from BEKUM allows uniform wall thickness over 360° of the water bottle and offers reproducible product quality that is second to none. This in-house development by BEKUM practically excludes article thinning and flow marks, ensures a crystal-clear water bottle transparency with a cloud-free surface and, by doing so, enables products of high quality.


Compact and powerful: BEKUM BA 25 high-performance blow molding machine for 5-gallon PC water bottle production