Trending worldwide - water bottles made of PC

High efficiency at the forefront

The highly transparent PC containers are blown out in a special blow mould, which has multi-zone temperature control and magnetic quick-change inserts, with or without a handle. The BEKUM single-station blowers of the BA series achieve an undisputed output of over 160 containers / hour at a net weight of 750 g based on the reference article “Nestlé 5 Gallon Aqua Design without handle”. This high output rate is possible without compromising the high article stability as well as the crystal-clear transparency, even at demoulding temperatures of over 85°C.

Sophisticated polycarbonate

PC containers are country-specific and made out of pure new materials (e.g. from Bayer Makrolon, Mitsubishi Novarex and other PC materials), a varying material mix of new material and recycled material, as well as 100% recyclates. Processors know: When melting, polycarbonate is a sensitive material. This requires specially tailored material handling systems for material drying and material inlet. After shaping, the cooled article material and flash are very hard, requiring coordinated cutting mills. For an optimally coordinated, high-performance periphery, BEKUM brings with it the experience gained from many installed user projects and relies on tried and tested, high-performance partners.

Practice-oriented automation to increase productivity

Last but not least, automation plays an important role for the user if efficiency should be increased. Especially for containers with an integrated handle, fully automatic and guided flash removal is important. Furthermore, the automated removal with removal grippers and alignment by a turning station for placing on an article production line, increases efficiency of the operation. With its convincing performance characteristics and the system design optimally aligned to PC water bottle production, the BA series is a reference in water bottle production.

Founded in Berlin in 1959, BEKUM Maschinenfabriken GmbH is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of extrusion blow moulding machines. Founder Gottfried Mehnert conceived the name BEKUM as the acronym (Berliner Kunststoff Maschinen).

The company began to flourish in its founding year with the development of the world’s first neck-rim calibration. Numerous innovations and patents followed, confirming that BEKUM, with its innovative and customer-oriented machinery solutions, has always been ahead of its time - and remains so to this day.

When innovative and economical machinery solutions with high productivity for individual packaging requirements of hollow packaging are in demand, then BEKUM, with over 55 years of experience in blow-moulding technology, is the first choice worldwide.


Highly transparent PC container with handle on conveyor belt for directional article output

Source: Bekum