Top graduates from the Technical University of Munich receive Arburg awards

Top graduates from the Technical…
As part of the Day of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) on 13 July 2018, two graduates were presented with an Arburg award for their outstanding scientific research: Dr.-Ing Sebastian Kehl for the best dissertation and Agnes Bußmann for the best master's thesis. The awards were presented by award coordinator Prof. Dr.-Ing Birgit Vogel-Heuser from the Chair of Automation and Information Systems, together with Arburg Apprenticeship Manager Michael Vieth.

"Arburg's goal is to further advance research in plastics or medical technology," explains Michael Vieth. "That is why, since 2016, we have bestowed two Arburg awards for outstanding dissertations and master's theses at the Technical University of Munich each year."

Best dissertation: Simulation of arterial growth

This year's Arburg dissertation award went to Dr.-Ing. Sebastian Kehl. In his doctoral thesis entitled "Bayesian Calibration of Nonlinear Cardiovascular Models for the Predictive Simulation of Arterial Growth", the mechanical engineer dealt with the development of an approach for parameter calibration of non-linear computer-aided models of arterial growth. His outstanding mathematical and computational skills enabled Sebastian Kehl to overcome existing scientific boundaries. The research represents an important step towards the predictive simulation of abdominal aortic aneurysms, a potentially fatal cardiovascular disease.

Arburg Prize 2018 - Sebastian Kehl

Dr.-Ing. Sebastian Kehl received this year's Arburg dissertation award for this work: "Bayesian Calibration of Nonlinear Cardiovascular Models for the Predictive Simulation of Arterial Growth"

Best master's thesis: Elastomer mimics cartilage tissue

The Arburg award 2018 for the best master's thesis went to Agnes Bußmann. In her research work on "Optimizing the bulk composition of a cell-free cartilage replacement material", the mechanical engineering student pursued the goal of imitating the mechanical and friction properties of articular cartilage by varying the composition of a synthetic and transparent elastomer material. In this complex task, the water-repellent the material had to be made able to absorb water to subsequently achieve the self-lubricating properties of real cartilage tissue. The mechanical stability of the hybrid material also had to be considered in the mixture.

Arburg Prize 2018 - Bussmann

Agnes Bußmann won the Arburg award for her master's thesis: "Optimizing the bulk composition of a cell-free cartilage replacement material"

Long-standing cooperation

The presentation of awards is one of many building blocks in the long-standing successful cooperation between Arburg and the Technical University of Munich. The candidates were nominated by the professors of the faculties in the fields of plastics technology, medical technology and related scientific fields. A panel of judges made up of four professors of mechanical engineering at the TUM examined the nominations and finally selected Dr.-Ing. Sebastian Kehl and Agnes Bußmann as winners of the Arburg awards 2018.

Source: Arburg


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