The 2nd Annual Bioplastics Innovation Forum

The 2nd Annual Bioplastics…

In recent years, there has been a growing concern about the increased amount of plastic waste deriving from our daily lives. With the global plastic production already increased by 20 times in the past 50 years and estimated to double again by 2035, the issue is ever more pressing.

As consumer demand for sustainable products grows, the production of plastics from renewable sources has been suggested as one of the means to decrease greenhouse emissions and reduce our dependence on fossil fuels. The public’s interest in the environment and climate change, alongside with the limited fossil fuel resources are driving governments, companies and scientists to find ecofriendly alternatives to fossil based plastic.

The 2nd Annual Bioplastics Innovation Forum is a result of the global efforts to reduce such plastic pollution and to reduce the greenhouse gases emitted in the production stage. The BIF22, through a series of top-level presentations, interactive panel discussions, and solution-based case studies will try to answer some of the questions and solve some of the challenges that the industry is facing and at the same time offer the delegates a learning platform where they can see the latest advancements and technology innovations in bioplastics production.

Key topics

  • Bioplastics regulatory and market developments in the EU
  • Biomass supply chain and sustainable feedstock resources
  • New manufacturing methods for biobased drop-in solutions
  • PLA commercialization and Life Cycle Assessment
  • End-use applications of bioplastics
  • Recycling and end-of-life options for bioplastics
  • Bioplastics market predictions and expectations for the years to come

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