Scanfill AB and Plast Petter AB in new collaboration

Scanfill AB and Plast Petter…

Packaging company Scanfill is adjusting the production for a brand new market. The company will produce up to half a million face shields together with Plast Petter AB - every week.

- It's fantastic news. It shows the flexibility and diversity that exists within the Polykemi Group, says Scanfill's Executive Vice President Oscar Hugoson.

Scanfill AB has started a new collaboration with another Swedish company, Plast Petter AB, and together they will manufacture protective face shields for Swedish hospitals and elderly care. The production rate will be up to 500,000 units per week. Scanfill AB manufactures A-PET, a thin plastic foil that is delivered on roll and then cut and assembledto protective face shields.

- We have rebuilt our machines to achieve the high quality required by Swedish healthcare and we can now produce a plastic foil that is thinner than we have ever done before, says Oscar Hugoson.

Shorttime laid off workers return

Due to the prevailing world situation this spring, large parts of the staff have been shortterm laid off, but thanks to the new collaboration with Plast Petter, it is not only Scanfill employees who can return to their jobs.

- Our 15 employees are starting to work full time again, but that staff will not be enough. We will move staff from Polykemi to Scanfill, which is very good news for the production in Ystad, for our employees and for the Polykemi Group.

The family owned company Polykemi AB, with its subsidiaries Rondo Plast AB and Scanfill AB, is the largest private employer in southeastern Skåne in Sweden. Hopefully, the collaboration with Plast Petter is just the beginning of a longer collaboration.

- Scanfill is a reliable supplier that delivers materials of a high quality. I truly believe that this is a collaboration that can grow in the future when this storm has subsided, says Fredrik Ahlström, CEO of Plast Petter AB.

Protects the Swedish industry

Plast Petter AB from Hovain Sweden, whichwas founded about 70 years ago, also manufactures office products in plastic. They offer subcontracted production and has specialized expertise in both technology and production.

- A collaboration with Scanfill is highly important for our material supply. It’s very valuable to have a good Swedish partner, especially during the pandemic we are now working through, says Fredrik Ahlström.

- We must protect our Swedish industry to ensurethat it is alive when we need it the most!


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