Revolutionizing the world of recycling with viscoZERO technology

Revolutionizing the world…

At K2022, Starlinger viscotec presents a new product line to revolutionize plastics recycling: viscoZERO, the melt phase decontamination reactor for the production of food grade recycled polyolefin and polystyrene resins, and food grade and iV-increased recycled polyester. viscoZERO is available as a turn-key solution or as upgrade for existing recycling extruders.

The focus of viscoZERO technology is on the three most important requirements for plastic recycling in top-quality, explains Gerhard Bräuer, Product Manager at viscotec: "The viscoZERO technology is designed to produce recyclate for direct food contact, plus it gives maximum flexibility regarding input materials and of course grants high efficiency for cost-effectiveness. The new plant makes it possible to create a loop without a downward spiral for the recycling of post-consumer and post-industrial waste."

viscoZERO stands for true "re-cycling" instead of "downcycling". Especially post-consumer packaging waste made of PP, PS, PS or HDPE have experienced a degradation of material properties with existing recycling technologies, therefore these recyclates have so far only been used in lower-grade applications. With the new technology, these limitations are a thing of the past. Recycling plants with viscoZERO technology produce recyclates for high-value applications, from PET waste as well as from polyolefins. This benefits the environment and creates new business opportunities for recyclers and plastics converters.

viscoZERO by Starlinger viscotec decontaminates PP, PE, PS and PET recyclates

After the recycling extruder, the input material is processed in viscoZERO in liquid form and under vacuum. When recycling PET waste, food-grade rPET pellets are produced in just a few minutes. Both the increase of the intrinsic viscosity (iV) and the decontamination of the material is done incredibly fast. It is a cost-effective way to produce pellets for end products made of high-viscosity PET, such as strapping tapes or fibers.

With viscoZERO there are virtually no limit to decontaminate high viscosity materials. Packaging and industrial waste made of PP, PE, PET and PS can also be recycled in viscoZERO. In the process, the material is homogenized, cleaned of all contaminants, spin finish and unpleasant odours are removed. The result of the high cleaning efficiency in the recycling process is odourless, high-quality food-grade recyclates. The new technology is presented at the Starlinger booth in hall 16, booth B47-2.