Polykemi and Rondo Plast presents Complus

Polykemi and Rondo Plast presents…

Polykemi and Rondo Plast presents the Complus Concept, giving multiple choices of several materials, based on both virgin and recycled raw materials. The compounds all have similar properties but are adapted for different injection moulded parts within an assembled product. 

In the various Complus Concepts, which will be presented shortly, high flexibility is in focus. The compounds, coming from the same material group, are based on virgin raw materials or high quality recycled raw materials and have similar properties and characteristics. This means that the customers have multiple choices of plastic compounds to reach optimum solutions, depending on what properties is needed for the different parts. When using the Complus Concept, you can choose the right material with the right properties for each part. 

– One example within the automotive industry are door panels, being complex assemblies of numerous parts. Each part has an individual demand profile to be fulfilled. Here you can use the materials from the Complus Concept for the different parts, explains project manager Mr. Johan Svenmo. 


Exchangeable material choices within the development work

Even if you initially have made a correct material choice for a part, the conditions might still change during a project. On these occasions, there is the unique opportunity to be able to choose another material from the Complus Concept, without having to modify, change or even produce a new mould, which saves both time and money.

– Our new concept gives the customers an incredible flexibility even far into a project, and the choice of materials can be adapted during the development work without the costs increasing dramatically. This ensures that the customer can reach the project's goals faster and in a safer way, says Johan Svenmo. 

The first example of the Complus Concept from the POLYfill (PP) and REZYcom (PP) families will be launched soon. Over time, the same concept will also be available for other product families, such as POLYblend (PC/ABS) and SCANAMID (PA).



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