OMV Technologies highlights sustainability strategies for packaging stakeholders at K 2022

OMV Technologies highlights…

OMV Technologies LLC, a leading global manufacturer of thermoforming machines, molds, and inline extrusion systems, will showcase its latest technologies and sustainability efforts which are supporting processors and brand owners in their transition to a circular economy. As a leading provider of turnkey manufacturing solutions, the company will highlight its successful sustainability practices for the packaging industry at the K 2022 exhibition (Hall 3/B-05), which runs Oct. 19-26, in Düsseldorf, Germany.

“We take our responsibility as stewards of the environment very seriously and we’re committed to helping our customers meet the growing demands for more sustainable packaging,” said Mark Strachan, CEO of OMV Technologies.

The OMV line of closed-loop machinery solutions is a reflection of the company’s commitment to sustainability, according to Strachan. OMV is directly responding to the market forces that are demanding new sustainable material and processing options. Specifically, Strachan pointed to state and federal legislation on single-use plastics, growing consumer demand for sustainable products, and the firm commitment from brand owners to achieve sustainability goals over the next five years.

“We deliver expert knowledge and leading-edge technology for those manufacturers who seek to adapt and modify their existing lines amidst the changing landscape in the packaging market,” said Brooke Maltun, President of OMV Technologies.  

OMV has worked closely with its customers throughout the design and development phases to ensure their products meet current legislation that requires the use of higher percentages of post-consumer recycled plastic. The company has forged partnerships with processors and brand owners to incorporate up to 100% post-consumer recycled (PCR) resin into products, thus diverting plastics from landfills. OMV’s unique processing technology incorporates the PCR flake while meeting all of the necessary functional demands and industrial food-grade requirements.


OMV’s ability to build its own extruders offers a distinct advantage to processors who can acquire a tailor-made solution built around the end product. These machinery configurations - incorporating the latest in drive, screw, die, and downstream technology - are more energy efficient and less costly. In addition, the latest automation technology is playing a major role in maximizing production, particularly as manufacturers continue to grapple with labor shortages.

OMV is focused on the development and production of lightweight packaging that has a low carbon footprint. The company is committed to significantly increasing the use of recycled materials and driving the circular economy worldwide. In its own business operations, the company is in the forefront of energy-optimized equipment and highly sustainable operations and facilities.  

Among its efforts to promote sustainable packaging, OMV is working with multi-national brand owners to develop single-source, mono-material solutions as a replacement for multilayer structures when possible. Such disruptive technologies deliver more sustainable and environmentally-sound packaging options.