New head of Albis Plastic

New head of Albis Plastic The advisory board of the Otto Krahn Group has appointed Krahn to the position of CEO and Spokesman of the Albis Plastic GmbH Board, effective July 1, 2016.

Philip Krahn became an Albis Plastic GmbH Board member on November 1, 2015, assuming responsibility for the Far East region. On January 1, 2016, he was also appointed CEO of Otto Krahn (GmbH & Co.) KG and Krahn Verwaltungs GmbH, thus becoming a member of the Otto Krahn Group Management Board. At the request of the advisory board, Krahn will also serve as the Spokesman of the Otto Krahn Group Management Board in addition to his new executive leadership position.

Krahn will be fulfilling his Otto Krahn (GmbH & Co.) KG executive duties together with CFO Kerstin Müller-Kirchhofs, who has been serving as Acting Spokeswoman of Albis Plastic GmbH.

Philip Krahn is one of the shareholders in the family-owned Otto Krahn Group. He joined the corporate group in November of 2010, and has successfully filled different roles in Germany, Great Britain, Ireland, Hong Kong, China and other Asian countries. At present, Krahn is still filling the role of sole Managing Director of Albis Plastic (Far East) Ltd., Hong Kong, and its subsidiaries in China.

Albis Plastic is one of the global operating companies in the distribution and compounding of technical thermoplastics. In addition to the product portfolio of well-known plastic manufacturers, Albis offers the plastic processing industry a diverse product range of high performance plastics, compound solutions and masterbatches. In the 2015 business year, the Albis Group, which has approximately 1050 employees, achieved sales of 905 million euros. With 19 foreign subsidiaries, the Hamburg-based company is represented in many European countries as well as in North Africa, the Far East and North America. Albis manufactures plastic compounds and masterbatches at three locations in Europe – Hamburg (Germany), Zülpich (Germany) and Manchester (United Kingdom), as well as in the production site at Changshu, China.