Albis Plastic

Plastic materials and products

Address details:
Str. Szent István út 1/A
Hungary, 3580 Tiszaújváros

Activity description

ALBIS PLASTIC Trade Ltd, founded in 2003 in Hungary, entered the market primarily as the distributor of small amounts of plastic materials (from 25 kg to a few tons) and offers a broad range of plastic products.

Our parent company, ALBIS PLASTIC GmbH with headquarters in Hamburg has been for decades a significant, internationally active company in the plastics industry. Our good market position is ensured by high quality products, comprehensive services and a large selection of products. Our success is built on our out-and-out customer-oriented approach.

ALBIS PLASTIC GmbH was founded in Hamburg in 1961 as a subsidiary company of OTTO KRAHN Trading House. Distributing 250 thousand tons, ALBIS is among the leading independent companies in Europe with regard to the distribution of plastics and supplying compound products. Today, the ALBIS Group has subsidiaries in 16 countries, close to 1,000 employees and a turnover of more than EUR 600 million. ALBIS operates its own production plants for compounding thermoplastic materials in Germany and Great Britain, with a total annual capacity of circa 115 thousand tons.


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