New Sabic foam solution for footwear

New Sabic foam solution for…

Close collaboration with our partners in the value chain has enabled Sabic to build up a large bank of knowledge on foaming technologies, and to develop a dedicated, diverse global foam portfolio, applicable in almost all industrial applications. Sabic is adding to this portfolio with the launch of a dedicated polyolefin elastomer foam solution for footwear - both sports shoes and casual - Fortify C11075DF and Fortify C05075DF.

Footwear, and especially sports shoes and casual shoes, is a growing global business. New concepts and differentiated designs are of huge importance to brand owners in a saturated market.

“DF stands for ‘Dedicated Footwear’ and this is where Sabic is unique in the industry, being the first to provide a unique, tailored foamed solution for the mid sole and insole market,” said Frank de Vries, Sabic Global Foam & Lightweight Leader. “Sabic is focusing on footwear, we have in-depth know how on diverse foaming technologies and the right solutions. We are keen to speak with leading brand owners and their value chain partners such as sole producers on how to move forward and work on new innovation developments together,” de Vries continued.

Fortify C11075DF and Fortify C05075DF, with their consistency, low density and high performance properties, can provide stable foamability, superior resilience and compression set - typically enabling greater bounce and durability. The materials can be selectively used for most foaming process, from compression molding to injection molding - which are dominant in the footwear industry.

“With approximately 70% of global sports & casual shoes production based in Asia-Pacific, we are actively interacting with key brand owners and visiting their value chain partners to discuss our footwear solution for future innovation”, said Sunny Lee, Sabic Foam & Lightweight Sr. Global Marketing Manager. “Feedback is very enthusiastic that Sabic is prioritizing their industry and they are willing to collaborate with us to develop innovative solutions together” Lee added.



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