Nano compounds in auto industry: future is already here

Nano compounds in auto industry:…

Over 300 delegates took part in the 23rd Russian Automotive Forum in Moscow on October 13-14. Head of R&P Polyplastic automobile division Vladimir Vorontsov took part in the Forum’s third session: “Automobiles production optimization in Russia during the post pandemic recovery period. Focusing on individual market segments, technologies, innovations and quality”. 

Vladimir Vorontsov made a presentation on innovative antistatic electroconductive compounds for the auto industry, their properties and advantages in comparison with traditional solutions paying special attention to producing fenders and other decorative elements of the vehicle body from polymers instead of using sheet metal. 

“Production processes are being simplified, a separate line for painting polymer parts is no longer needed: scientists of R&P Polyplastic developed a material which has sufficient electro dispersive properties and enables to paint the whole vehicle body electrostatically. This electro dispersive glass reinforced polyamide 6 compound is produced under the Armamid brand and contains graphene nanotubes TUBALL™ MATRIX 826”, – explains Vladimir Vorontsov, Head of the automobile division of R&P Polyplastic, leading Russian producer of compound materials.  

Nanotubes enable to drastically improve properties of polyamide in terms of electrical conductivity, achieve constant insulation resistance of 106–108 Ω∙сm maintaining necessary strength properties of the material.  Its functional and technological properties as well as its price satisfy the market needs completely. 

Today, R&P Polyplastic together with GAZ – Russia’s top producer of commercial vehicles - and OCSiAl – producer of nano tubes – are introducing this material into production of exterior parts of the GAZELLE NN commercial vehicle.  


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