Moretto’s automation on display at Interplast 2018

Moretto’s automation on display…
Moretto Do Brasil, daughter company of Moretto S.p.A., Italian provider of Material Handling, Drying, Blending, Heat Transfer and Size Reduction equipment, will attend Interplast 2018 in Joinville. Interplast is a strategical trade show event for the plastics industry, an opportunity not to be missed to present on the Brazilian market the innovative auxiliary machines proposed by Moretto. Since 1980, Moretto has been providing plastic processors with integrated systems and auxiliary equipment solutions, enabling process automation and optimization, particularly for the high precision requirements of the injection molding of PET preforms. Result of a continuous investment in technology, automation and research, the Moretto systems fully reflect the guide criteria of Industry 4.0.

At Interplast particular attention will be given to drying, one of the most energy-intensive processes in the transformation cycle of plastic materials, and where Moretto has always been strongly involved in the search of original solutions, able to make the difference in terms of quality and energy efficiency, whether they are complex models such as multi hopper systems or compact mini-dryers suitable for drying small quantities of technical materials.

X Comb mini dryer with the X HoneyComb technology, inherits the unique advantages of the XD and X MAX dryers, with Dew Point performance up to 52°C. Designed to meet the needs of the most demanding sectors such as the medical sector, it guarantees maximum efficiency and reliability thanks to the zeolite technology, the powerful turbocompressors, the exclusive OTX hopper (which with its internal geometry solves the problem of non-uniform fall flows) and to the dew point equalizer. Dryers from the range X Dry Air equipped with a double-bed system with zeolite technology and transparent hopper OTX Pyrex, they reach high performances and dew point values up to -70 °C.

Moretto will also focus big attention on dosing, essential phase to guarantee stability in both injection and extrusion processes. At Interplast Moretto presents DPK, the newcomer of the already large family of Moretto's dosers – solving the problem of overdosing with an extremely precise control. A compact loss-in-weight additive dosing unit, suitable for intermittent or continuous dosing of small quantities of color or additives into a flow base material. Thanks to the exclusive vibration immunity system, the machine control algorithm and the hopper removeable from the dosing unit, DPK achieves a dosing accuracy up to ±0,03%, allowing processors to avoid unnecessary wastes of expensive additives. Gramixo the continuous loss-in–weight batch blender specifically developed for blown film is, with Gravix a real solution for "Dosing 4.0": these machines are designed not only to dosing with an extreme precision (0,01%), but to exchange data in a networked environment, manage parameters remotely, consumption and costs.