Moretto’s automation on display at Interplast 2018

The Dolphin automatic manifold and the full range of Te-Ko temperature controllers complete the displayed range of products. Dolphin champion in efficiency and reliability in the distribution of materials, is recognized by the market as the inevitable ally in complex multi-material and multi-user allocation systems. The complete range of Te-Ko temperature controllers (water, oil or pressurized) ensures absolute efficiency and precision in the automatic temperature control both in the moulds of the injection moulding machines and in the cylinders and rollers of the extruders.

Moretto projects: innovation, energy saving and sustainability

Moretto offers a complete range of products, from many years the company has created its own space in the market and a strong and welldefined identity. A pioneer of innovations, Moretto exports smart and innovative solutions all over the world that generate added value to those materials, especially technical ones, which today are indispensable for improving the life of every individual. The new pay off Empowering Plastics, presented in Milan in the occasion of Plast 2018, fully reflects the vision and the values of this company whose strong point is the passion for the plastic industry, but especially that towards the ones who live it every day, feed it and manage it. Empowering Plastics means giving more power to plastics, by helping the supply chain from the beginning and by offering competitive solutions with high technological value for mould and environmental problems. The intent is to sublimate the plastic such as "raw material" which is essential and irreplaceable in the lives of each of us and to focus on eco-sustainable activities and new materials such as bioplastics.

The Green Factor, which has always accompanied Moretto activities, evolves today into a new project called Be Tomorrow. Be Tomorrow is a renewed commitment of all of us who undertake more and more activities that involve the company and the whole supply chain towards eco-responsible attitudes and processes, towards research and continuous real innovation aimed at reducing electricity consumption, recycling and bio-plastics. A long-term project oriented to safeguard the world of tomorrow, that of our children.

Source: Moretto