Moretto at PLAST 2018: energy saving, sustainability and smart machines

Moretto proposes a complete range of Te-Ko thermoregulators (water, oil or pressurized) that ensures absolute efficiency and precision in the automatic temperature control both in the molds of the injection presses and in the cylinders and rollers of the extruders.

Plastic and future for Moretto also means Sustainability

Sustainability is a principle on which Moretto's policy is based since 1980 when the company took his first steps. A principle that today the company perpetuates with more emphasis than ever by taking ever larger and transversal initiatives, to ensure a reduced environmental impact.

Be Tomorrow is a new eco-sustainable project launched by Moretto, which has always been committed to creating "energy-saving" machines and sponsoring projects to protect the environment. With “Be Tomorrow” Moretto think of safeguarding the world of tomorrow, that of our children. With this new project the company wants to involve and sensitize the entire supply chain towards eco-responsible attitudes.

There are several planned activities: investments in sustainable production processes, the provision of company electric cars, incentives for innovation with the R & D department, involved in the front line in the search for low consumption technologies and new solutions dedicated to bio plastics and recycling. The PET recycling is possible through “crystallization” a technique developed to re-use the re-granulated granules obtained from bottles, containers and fibers without any problems. Through the crystallization process, PET passes from the amorphous to the crystalline state, regaining its basic characteristics before being subjected to a new transformation process.

A proper crystallization also allows to achieve significant energy savings in the drying phase.

At Plast 2018 Moretto presents MPK crystallizer, designed to guarantee maximum reliability in the PET crystallization process. The MPK main characteristics are robustness, efficiency, ease and speed of maintenance and inspection of parts. The device is equipped with an exclusive mixing system with adjustable blades, the process is controlled by a series of sensors that manage the processing phase through the PLC logic. The MPK main characteristic is surely the cone that can be opened in just two minutes, which allows access to the mixing chamber in absolute safety.


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