Moretto at PLAST 2018: energy saving, sustainability and smart machines

Moretto at PLAST 2018: energy… MORETTO exposes at PLAST 2018, in a 4.000 mq booth, his most representative machines for injection molding and PET processing (Hall 22).

An exhibition dedicated to machinery and specific solutions for the extrusion of blown film is present in Hall 13 on the CONTREX booth, a Moretto company.

Strong of the positive trend consolidated in 2017 in Italy and in the world, Moretto faces this new Plast’s appointment with great optimism and motivation, proposing specific solutions for plastics processors based on three guiding concepts:

Energy saving which is achieved through unique systems and automation like Moisture Meter BOX, GUARD and MANAGER, the only system able to measure In-line with absolute precision the exact residual moisture content of the polymer in ppm and even to automatically manage the drying process, and EUREKA PLUS “the most advanced low consumption drying system available on the market”. Eureka Plus has already become a standard in mature markets who demands more performance and which are looking for a truly 4.0 efficiency.

Sustainability, Plastics and future also mean sustainabilityfor Moretto company. Moretto presents “BE TOMORROW” the new project of eco-sustainable activities and the Crystallizer MPK, a solution for PET recycling.

Smart machinery: automatic systems, smart and adaptive machines like, Moisture Meter Manager for drying, One Wire for feeding, MOWIS supervision systems.

The context

Record performance achieved by Moretto Spa in 2017, economic data recorded double-digit growth, equal to 22% compared to the previous year.

The Italian market is in excellent health, it constantly grows and consolidates since 2009. Even the export is in clear progression and represents 75% of the business, the result of the excellent work done by the headquarters Moretto present in 8 countries (Germany, Eastern Europe, Turkey, Brazil, United States, Russia, India and China) and from the distribution network, that now covers 74 countries.

The company proceeds on a precise business strategy aimed at the future and continuous investment in technology, automation, research and specialized staff.

The goal is the world technological leadership, continuing to realize intelligent automations to support excellent and cutting-edge processes, adapted to the needs of an increasingly sophisticated clientele.The strategic plan includes an impressive project of expansion and production reengineering in view of the Smart Factory and Industry 4.0 criteria.

On 2017 Moretto has made important acquisitions of production spaces: today the company has 5 factories and over 75,000 m² of production space in the Padua area.

Work is underway to start a new production area of 20,000 m², which in 2019 will host Moretto of the future: a new 4.0 business dimension, an example of production efficiency, digital and logistics as well as an innovation hub, a training center and a permanent showroom.

A 4.0 approach is required mainly by sectors such as automotive, medical and packaging, areas that require major technological standards and where Moretto records his better performance.

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