Moretto at PLAST 2018: energy saving, sustainability and smart machines

Empowering Plastics, the new Moretto’s pay off

From more than 35 years Moretto is committed to providing intelligent, innovative and energy-efficient machinery that aims to sublimate and strengthen the value of plastic as an indispensable and irreplaceable "raw material" in the life of each of us.

In Moretto know-how, research and technological innovation enhance the materials characteristics, quality, importance and multiple uses.

The company has always recognized itself in this concept of "proactive" work aimed to improve polymer transformation processes and to give plastic a role of strength and power, and in this year of strategic reorganization, it adopts Empowering Plastics as new pay off.

Empowering Plastics means giving more power to plastic, helping the supply chain from the beginning, responding with competitive and high-tech solutions to the problems of plastic molding and environmental.

Energy saving

Moretto’s goal has always been to provide innovative and customized systems, able to maximize process efficiency, guarantee final quality and energy savings for their worldwide injection molding, extrusion and PET processing customers.

At Plast 2018 Moretto presents his full range products fully compliant with Industry 4.0 criteria, interconnected machines and software that allow the acquisition of new and important data to be processed and shared to achieve ever higher levels of efficiency.

Particular attention is given to drying, one of the most energizing processes in the transformation cycle of plastic materials, and where Moretto has always been strongly involved in the search for original solutions, able to make the difference in terms of quality and energy efficiency.

Moretto exposes at Plast 2018 the drying system Eureka, that evolves in Eureka Plus version thanks to the Moisture Meter Manager.

Moisture Meter BOX is the only device in the world able to analyze the polymer In line and to "read", with an accuracy of ± 3 ppm, the real residual moisture leaving the drying hopper.

A product that has already been very successful because it meets the needs of plastics transformers, offering the certainty of the result, production certification and the overcoming quality audits.

At Moretto research never stops, and the certification of quality is combined with the maximum energy efficiency for the development of Moisture Meter Manager, an absolutely brilliant and unique device that marks a real revolution in drying.

Moisture Meter Manager closes the loop of Moretto drying system by measuring In line each granule’s residual moisture (in ppm) and applying this data to the adaptive drying system as provided by the 4.0 Smart Factory.
It is constituted by the devices MM BOX and MM Crown and by the Manager control.

The double control of the granule’s moisture content at the hoppers input (through MM BOX) and output (through MM Crown), allows the system to manage the dryers work conditions by maximizing process performances.
The device is equipped with an extraordinary measurement capability thanks to the Power-Peak technology, which measures the dielectric characteristics of the granule.

Moisture Meter Manager creates a real “on demand drying”, focusing the process on the real drying needs of the polymer at any given time and managing the drying functions in response to the variables, internal and environmental, which interfere with the moisture level of the polymer. This Moretto device is able to guarantee production certification with maximum energy efficiency.

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