Moretto at Fakuma 2021: digitalization and circular economy

Efficient drying for both small and large throughput

One of the latest products developed this year is the manual DRY AIR mini dryer. This series has undergone a technical update which now includes the OTX hopper and a simplified touch screen display. The new model has a double tower circuit and manual airflow adjustment, ideal for the treatment of technical polymers. Six different sizes are available and both the smallest (D0 TX) and the largest (D5 TX) will be present in the Moretto stand.

DRY AIR mini dryer

Visitors will be able to view also X Comb, the super compact mini dryer suitable for lower throughput of technical polymers. Fully electric (no need of compressed air), X Comb is equipped with self-optimizing variable speed turbo-compressors, molecular sieves which deliver -52°C dew point and the exclusive OTX drying hopper. This dryer is specifically designed to efficiently treat very hygroscopic technical polymers, particularly for critical industrial sectors such as medipharma, optical and electronics.

Compactness and usability are the key features of the new CRX Trolley. This is a very compact all-in-one solution available in 3 configurations. The standard configuration includes a dryer+hopper with One Power electrical supply and a 7” touch screen control panel mounted on the dryer. It is possible to add a VS DUO suction unit for conveying the material to the hopper and suck it out after it has been treated, and a Moisture Meter, the device which measures moisture levels in-line. All parameters are always managed by the touch screen control panel mounted on the dryer after the material type and required throughput are entered.

Dosing is a technological matter

Gravimetric dosing is a process which requires high accuracy. Moretto systems are extremely sophisticated and represent the widest range available on the market. DGM Gravix is equipped with a patented double-eyelid shutter with a reaction time of 25ms. The weighing hopper is free from any mechanical interference thanks to the Vibration Immunity System and therefore gives very accurate readings even if installed directly on top of the processing machine. Eight different components can be configured. Hoppers are removable, interchangeable and available in 10 models such as antistatic, pulsated, with fluidification, large, reduced, insulated, double, blind and for flakes.

Connectivity is a great feature of this product (Modbus, Ethernet, USB) enabling traceability of material consumption and recipe certification. Gravix can be integrated to the Mowis software for a full monitoring of the production process including stock availability.

Real-time polymer analysis

Technopolymer are hygroscopic and therefore more difficult to treat, especially in innovative or certified applications such as in the medical and optical sectors.

Moisture Meter is the high-tech device analyzing residual moisture levels in polymers after they have been dried and before they are fed to the processing machine. Power Peak is the technology used to measure in-line and in real time the polymer residual moisture without the use of expensive equipment and/or external laboratories. MM is able to measure up to 15ppm by analysing the material non-stop, eliminating the risk of waste and downtime. Moisture Meter is available in 3 versions depending on how critical the application is – Control, Sentinel and Loop. MM can be installed on any type of processing machine regardless its dimensions.

Innovation supports circular economy

Moretto has been very active in the recycling industry for years, offering energy efficient solutions suitable for grinding, treating, conveying and storing flakes and regrind from pre and post consumer waste.

The GR grinders have a modular design. Different types of cutting chambers are available for specific applications, such as the wear resistant or cooling types. The GR chamber shape is particularly efficient with voluminous material and the scissor-like action ensures clear cuts with no dust and very low noise levels.

One of the most important phases of the recycling process is the crystallization of amorphous material. Fakuma will launch the new version of MPK Krystallizer, a patented system designed for heavy duty use. The version available at the exhibition will display all the original design features which make this system so usable and efficient – the lower cone which can be opened for cleaning and maintenance, the mixing chamber with removable blades which can be adjusted based on the material type, the wing-shape agitators which mix evenly and prevent clumps.

MPK Krystallizer

Spyro is the stainless steel shockproof finish which protects and insulates MPK, a distinctive feature which makes Moretto products unique in the market.

The MPK system is entirely managed through a 10” touch screen control panel mounted on the dryer with intuitive user interface.

MPK can be completed with Vortex - the filtering system able to capture dust particles up to 20 micron – and Purex -  the condensate separator which filters oily and resinous contaminants, typical of PCR material.

Moretto is attending Fakuma (Friedrichshafen, Germany) from 12 to 16 October 2021, Hall B3 – 3208.