Moretto at Fakuma 2021: digitalization and circular economy

Moretto at Fakuma 2021: digitalization…

After the 2020 stop to exhibitions and events due to the pandemic, Moretto is glad to announce its participation to Fakuma (Germany, 12-16 October 2021 - Hall B3, Stand 3208), one of the most important events for the plastics industry.

Connectivity is the future

In line with the theme of the 27th edition “Digital meets circular economy”, Moretto will focus on solutions developed for the smart factory as well as products dedicated to recycling, a business which is increasingly growing and requires equipment able to treat used materials which are intended for re-entry in the production cycle.

Now more than ever innovation means developing solutions which take into account how global economy is affecting our every day life.

Moretto, headquartered in Padova (Italy), designs and produces industrial automation for the plastics processing business (5 plants in Italy and 8 subsidiaries worldwide). Currently almost all systems produced by the company are in line with the smart factory requirements, a world where connectivity and performance are the main drivers. And in fact Moretto’s stand will feature MOWIS, the supervision and management software developed to manage the whole production process. Mowis is modular and self-configurable, it can be used on-site or remotely, a software totally integrated to the local network via communication protocol OPC UA. Mowis enables connectivity between machines, departments and facilities making the management of complex systems easy.

Improved performance for the new compact conveying line

Production sites require compact equipment in order to optimize the use of space. This is a common request coming from plastic processors, which has prompted the restyling of the conveying product line. The new Compact hopper loader range is on average 30% smaller than the equivalent product available on the market. This range is highly efficient and suitable also for critical applications such as the food industry, thanks to the stainless steel design which prevents contamination.

The Compact series features a new “zero” size with capacity 0,5 dm3 and throughput 30 kg/h, suitable also for master and micro-feeding. The single-phase and One Wire versions are also available.

Compact serie

The single-phase range includes the new brushless models available in two sizes (F12 / F24). Brushless motors are more efficient since the system does not include parts subject to wear and tear. This model includes all the other features typical of the Compact range - low noise level <73dBA, soft-start, self-cleaning filter, assisted opening with safety device.

The Venturi series hopper loaders are suitable for small quantities of plastic material, masterbatch and/or additive. Thanks to the six versions now available, their scope of application is extended to:

  • volumetric dosing units
  • mini dryers
  • loss-in-weight dosing units
  • small injection molding machines

All versions are available with ratio valve.

Usability has always been one of the main drivers for Moretto when developing a new product. The new Quick Release Devices for hopper loaders, receivers and maintenance hoppers allow a super fast disconnection of the equipment in order to carry out cleaning and service procedures, even in a controlled environment. These devices are made of anticorrosive material, they are available in two models (with square or round base) and allow a fast and practical vs. the standard hinges.

The restyled three-phase Suction Units on display at Fakuma have been reduced dimensionally and mount the new Vortex filters. These units have a modular design and can be equipped with several extra accessories depending on the application:

  • the Vortex filter separates dust thanks to a centrifugal force which protects and increases the system efficiency. It is also possible to mount an automatic cleaning device which eliminates the need of servicing,
  • the Bypass valve shortens loading times and increases the unit longevity,
  • the Duo valve can be connected to two different containers,
  • the Cooling Ring enables the conveying of hot material (up to 180°C).

A brand new range of Flexible Hoses will be introduced during the event. This new addition to the Moretto product portfolio is based on very specific needs of plastics processors. The whole series - made of 100% polyurethane – is entirely produced in-house in six versions: vacuum line, material line (2 different weights), medical sector and wear-resistant, which combined with the different available sizes create a range of 60 different models. These wear-resistant flexible hoses “made by Moretto” are 5 times more resistant than the standard product available on the market, solving one of the major issues often present in conveying systems, especially when mineral additive or fiberglass are involved.

Counter is the in-line weighing system able to weigh plastic materials transferred from the container/receiver to the drying hopper. Counter supplies real-time information on material consumption allowing a very accurate monitoring of the production process. Counter is made by Contrex, a Moretto brand specialised in loss-in-weight systems.


Kruisekontrol is another system dedicated to the conveying process, a top of the range product covered by patent. KruiseKontrol is the only intelligent system in the world able to automatically define the ideal speed for each type of material. KK manages the material flow avoiding the starting and final speed peaks. Consistency eliminates all issues typical in conveying such as dust, wear and tear, angel hair and material stress. KruiseKontrol is integrated to One Wire 3 and requires just two inputs - material type and receiver – it then automatically activates a customised process which achieves efficiency and increased productivity.