Moretto at Fakuma

Sustainability: Taking action to protect our planet and ensure product efficiency

The adoption of a production approach based on circular economy principles has steered the activities of the Moretto group over the years. Sustainability and energy saving are an established part of the company philosophy and are developed through technologies that take into account the needs of customers, but also the environment and the community in which we live.

With the aim of reduce its environmental impact, the company has chosen to use only energy from renewable sources in its plants, as evidenced by its participation in Dolomiti Energia's '100% clean energy' project.

The development of equipment suitable for recycling is not only a duty for plastics processors, but also a necessity for customers who demand solutions suitable for both virgin materials and those with high percentages of recycled material.

The themes of sustainability and respect for the environment have always been two distinctive elements that characterize Moretto's modus operandi.

Some of our innovations at Fakuma

The Fakuma exhibition will be an opportunity to showcase some of the most innovative solutions dedicated to plastics processing in the world.
Dehumidification is one of Moretto's strategic segments, thanks to solutions that over the years have satisfied the most demanding customers by combining high technical performance with low energy consumption.    

These requirements find their maximum expression in X COMB, the latest addition to the range of dehumidifiers that immediately met the needs of processors thanks to its compact footprint, which make it suitable for treating small quantities of highly hygroscopic technical polymers. A highly energy-efficient product that is the ideal solution for production-intensive sectors such as medical, optics and electronics.


Small details can often determine the success of a dehumidification process, where even a small amount of no-dried polymer can compromise the quality of the final moulding. Moisture Meter was created with the intention to completely eliminate this problem, thanks to its ability to detect the percentage of residual moisture in the polymer without the need for off-line sampling. Moisture Meter is able to provide the operator in real time with the moisture value of the plastic granule after drying, allowing the operator to fix the situation if the resin has not been properly treated, "saving" the transformation process. Different versions are available depending on the type of installation and the hourly throughput of the polymer to be treated.


Another process that requires great precision to obtain a technical and aesthetic quality product is dosing.

Moretto has a wide and complete range of blenders, including the DGM Gravix 20, the new gravimetric batch dosing unit developed specifically for high-precision dosing of small percentages of material. The 20 series is based on the Gravix series, but with a renewed design that improves granule flow.

Configurable through an easy touch view and equipped with Modbus RS485, USB and Ethernet connections, it maintains the technical features that have distinguished the Gravix line.


Raw material procurement is a crucial step in plastics processing, which is why storage solutions will play a prominent role on the Fakuma stand.

Oktobag meets the requirements of processors who want an automatic system for emptying octabins and big bags. The bag is attached by means of 4 gravity grippers which, with a wave-like movement, bring the plastic granule to the centre where a suction probe will take it.


The storage line also includes Silcontrol, the system designed and developed to control the loading of plastic granules into storage silos. The material, identified via a special barcode reader, is matched to the correct silo by interrogating the database. Thanks to this procedure, Silcontrol aims to avoid errors, even human errors, in the material loading phase.


The interconnection of machines and the management of large amount of data generated within the plants prompted Moretto to develop Mowis, the software platform developed in-house for the control and management of processes within the production plant. A modular and self-configurable tool, usable on-site or remotely, which via OPC UA protocol achieves total connectivity between machines, processes, departments and plants and allows the management of highly complex systems in an optimized and intuitive manner.


Fakuma will also be an opportunity to present to the international customers the best solutions for blown film extrusion. Thanks to more than 40 years of experience of Contrex, a company of the Moretto Group, the dosing unit Graviko and the efficient Discovery cooling rings will be on show.
Moretto will address many themes at the next edition of Fakuma, from innovations which aim to enhance the value of man and his work to a digitalization process that has involved all branches of the company, improving the efficiency and response times of customer service.

We look forward to seeing you at Stand 3208, Hall B3.