Keeping pace with high-quality recycled resin

Flexibility for predictably higher yield

Infeed materials continue to become more complex. Depending on the respective contamination level and purity requirements, supplementary sorting steps are often required to purify the target fraction. Smaller operators with flake sorting installations can reap a lot of benefits from the system's capabilities and efficiencies.  First, flake sorters can be easily integrated into existing plants because they require little space compared to other processing machinery, which makes them ideal for upgrading the sorting and purification capabilities of an existing recycling line. Second, it is possible to run multiple sorting steps within a single unit. This means operators can choose to balance throughput in favor of higher recovery rates and purity levels as needed. At the same time, smaller recycling companies can profit from the flexibility of processing a wider range of materials, thanks to the possibility of working in batches on a single unit. The scenario is different in high-volume plants, where operators can install multiple sorting machines in parallel or cascade setups to maximize throughput and qualities without increasing operation times. Regardless of the installation setup, flake sorters offer unrivaled flexibility, performance and generate reliable flake qualities. Thus, the sorting results are predictable and so is the recycler’s yield.
Easy to change configurations for maximum flexibility

Blue skies ahead

Today, an extensive product portfolio of flake sorting solutions exists to meet both current and future demands. Plastic recyclers on the quest to source more materials or scale up their operations rely on best-in-class flake sorters. Whether PET, PP or PE, clear, blue, green or any opaque colored materials, today’s advanced systems produce high–purity, mono-material and color-segregated fractions. Moreover, they withstand tough conditions, process large volumes and produce high-quality secondary feedstock.  Flake sorting machines save space and reliably generate predictable results that lead to maximum yield. Their efficiency paired with the system’s flexibility enable a rapid return on investment and give operators a competitive edge, now and in the long term.  
The potential flake sorting holds is very promising and future-forward. When these technologies are integrated at scale and combined with modern extrusion and de-odorization processes, the future of plastics recycling will make an evolutionary change.
By Alberto Piovesan, Global Segment Manager Plastics at TOMRA Recycling Sorting