Innovation in building and construction solutions takes centre stage for Sabic

Innovation in building and…

With a growing global population and increased urbanisation, the demand for sustainable and responsible construction solutions has grown dramatically over the past several years.

To proactively cater to demand and tackle global megatrends impacting society, Sabic – a leader in the global petrochemical industry – has developed a ground-breaking range of energy, electrical, structural and piping solutions, that will be showcased at K2019 in Dusseldorf, Germany from 16-23 October.

In line with the company’s vision to deliver a hands-on experience of its latest products – and under the theme of ‘Making a World of Difference Together’ - the highlight of the stand’s building and construction area is Sabic’s 3D augmented and interactive house and road scale model which provides context to its range of sustainable products and applications.

“Our pioneering solutions are the result of the determination, hard work and ingenuity in the face of global challenges, said Sergi Monros, Vice President, Performance Polymers & Industry Solutions, Sabic. “Sabic’s proactive approach to the changing face of construction, in markets around the world, ensures its continuing growth. And, with our exhibited products, we’re demonstrating the ingenuity of our research and development work and that sustainability is at the core of everything we do.”

Currently, 54% of the global population lives in urban areas, consuming 70% of the world’s energy and creating 75% of the world’s global emissions. However, by 2050 this is set to increase dramatically and there is therefore an increasing need for more sustainable solutions in the building and construction industry.

As a leader in the development of lightweight, robust and energy-efficient solutions, Sabic is showcasing new sustainable materials for pipe, energy, electrical and structural solutions.

Energy Solutions

Renewable sources of energy are vital to the transition to a carbon-free landscape, and solar energy can yield high results. To further drive down energy consumption within buildings, roof panels are an effective solution but are frequently hindered by weight and the stress of performing under elevated temperatures.

Solarge’s new solar panels, that can be retrofitted or incorporated in building roofs, are lightweight, easy to install and help reduce energy consumption through renewable energy source. Sabic helped Solarge by offering a system solution that combines Sabic PP Compounds for the PV panel back sheet and Lexan Exell D Sheet as a protective top layer and aesthetic look for the panels. Sabic PP Compounds meet Solarge’s material specifications for high strength and stiffness, providing continuous performance at elevated temperatures for solar panels. Coupled with the Lexan Exell D Sheet, the aesthetic look of the PV panel is greatly increased and addresses the customer’s desire for a lightweight solution that can be installed easily. Sabic’s approach and materials also ensure that panels can be recycled and potentially enable utilizing of post-consumer recycled content.

The company has also collaborated with Solaris-Protevs and applied its material expertise to help develop lightweight and high stiffness injection-molded floaters for its floating photovoltaic system. These lightweight and easy to install floating solar panel systems can be placed on inner water surfaces, such as lakes near highly populated areas, and can connect to the pre-existing substations and power lines, providing a renewable energy source to cities.

Just as clean energy is key in the transition to a carbon-free energy landscape, reduction in energy usage continues to be a priority and the building and construction industry has considerable potential to help save thermal energy. Sabic has created a new foamed pipe insulation solution that not only saves energy but also helps with condensation control, noise reduction and offers protection against pipe fractures. The plastomeric pipe, that uses Sabic Cohere as a building block, is easy to install and offers unprecedented design freedom. It is also substantially more recyclable compared to current elastomeric foamed pipe insulation.

Sabic’s 3D foamed wallpaper is also a weight-saving and energy insulation solution developed by the company and its partners. The stringent quality and process controls that go into producing Sabic’s dedicated foam grades leads to a better quality product and reduces waste – an issue that is crucial for XLPE foam producers. Examples of Sabic’s 3D foamed wallpaper will be on display at K2019.

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