High-performance Plastics, compound solutions, and master batches from Albis Plastic

Increase in portfolio of recycled products

By purchasing Wipag Deutschland GmbH, who specialize in the manufacture of injection-moldable carbon fiber-based compounds, Albis has increased its portfolio of recycled products significantly. PP CF compounds feature excellent rigidity and low density, saving weight, cutting cost and increasing efficiency compared to highly filled fiberglass-reinforced PA types.

Albis is proud to add Quality Circular Polymers (QCP) range of recycled products to its portfolio. Owned by LyondellBasell and SUEZ, QCP is a manufacturer of high-quality renewable polymers consisting of post-consumer polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP) branded as Hostalen and Moplen QCP, and is part of LyondellBasell’s existing Moplen PP and Hostalen PE product families - the products are targeted at many applications including cosmetics and toiletries.

Albis Plastic is expanding its Altech ECO product portfolio to include a recyclate-based PET+PBT blend compound. This compound can be modified with fillers and additives, and represents a sustainable, cost-effective alternative to prime PBT and PA6 compounds without sacrificing mechanical properties or exceptional surface quality. Thanks to the high degree of purity in its raw materials, Altech PET+PBT ECO can also be produced in custom colors.

Albis has news on Alfater XL, too: the all-new 3EF0010 Easyflow series, in Shore hardnesses of A50 to D40, is a deep-black material with excellent flowability that makes it perfect for thin-walled components, tools with long flow paths, or complex geometries. The series offers excellent weather resistance, fulfilling up to two annual cycles of the Florida Kalahari test pursuant to PV 3929 and PV3930. It also adheres very well to filled, reinforced, and un-reinforced polyolefins like PP.

Source: Albis Plastic