Henkel drives the future of e-Mobility

Henkel drives the future of… Building on years of experience and expertise in engine and powertrain applications, Henkel is actively investing in new technologies and products for efficient large-scale manufacturing of safe and reliable electric drive systems. Key solutions addressing the "pain points" of OEMs and tier suppliers in this segment include innovative liquid gasketing, magnet bonding, thermal management and potting products as well as a state-of-the-art impregnation service.

Electric, digital and autonomous - the automotive industry is facing disruptive changes, where advanced battery technology and electronics are going to reshape the design and manufacture of vehicles. Henkel is determined to play a decisive role in this transformation, helping customers drive the future of e-Mobility and benefit from the company's comprehensive product and service portfolio for efficient, reliable, safe and sustainable solutions across the entire manufacturing chain of components.

Next to liquid sealants, thermal interface materials, adhesives and impregnation resins for new-generation battery packs, Henkel is leveraging existing and new products and technologies for the emerging trend towards e-drive modules combining electric motor, power electronics and gearbox in one integrated e-axle unit. In addition, customers are also supported with appropriate design guidelines and recommendations for process requirements including equipment enabling automated high-volume production.

"The electrification of vehicles is gaining pace and helps automakers reduce their fleet fuel consumption and CO2 emission footprint in line with strict regulation targets," says Frank Kerstan, Global Business Development, Powertrain & e-Mobility, Henkel. "As all major OEMs and new players in the automotive industry are launching more and more full hybrid and battery electric vehicles there is a need for seamlessly matching technologies designed to support these new drive concepts and manufacturing schemes. With our innovative adhesive solutions, we are ideally positioned as a full-service partner of customers at the forefront of e-Mobility."