Great Place to Work Certification for Sirmax Group

Great Place to Work Certification…

Sirmax, a manufacturer of polypropylene compounds, engineering polymers, elastomers, post-consumer circular polymers and bio compounds, has received the Great Place to Work Certification, awarded by the Great Place to Work Institute. The international certification recognizes the company as a quality workplace and paves the way for it to join the ranks of the best workplaces in Italy, Europe, and the world.

The certification process is very rigorous. Throughout 2022, Great Place to Work analyzed several companies, collecting and listening to employee feedback through anonymous questionnaires designed to investigate 5 aspects: Respect, credibility, fairness, pride, and cohesion. The result was a broad appreciation for the policies implemented by Sirmax in terms of employee well-being and person-centeredness. Identifying Best People Practices, i.e., the best human resource management practices, policies and programs in place in the company, made it possible to highlight a concept that lies at the heart of Sirmax's vision: Proximity. This core concept extends to all stakeholders in the company and protects and promotes the value of human resources.

Team spirit, a peaceful atmosphere and a willingness to focus on young people are among the things employees appreciate most. Below is a collection of the comments that were collected: “I like the team spirit among colleagues and the fact that we are able to work peacefully and in a good mood.” “The company provides what is needed to work properly. The company's stability is also an added value in times like those we are experiencing.” “Sirmax is a great company. It is dynamic and thinks big, always focusing on young people. We are never bored and there are always new challenges and/or changes that make my daily work more interesting.”


Plant employees have declared their workplace is one of the best when it comes to involvement in company initiatives, right from the first day of onboarding. Training and development opportunities are highly valued, well above the industry average. Most people say they trust the management and are proud to work for the Sirmax Group.

“Sirmax cares about its employees, because they are the company’s real growth engine,” states President and CEO Massimo Pavin. “It is true that our success comes from fast reactions and client proximity, but this is only possible because our people are fast and responsive. We work on individual growth, on handing people responsibility, and on the development of skills. We strongly believe in young people, and are aware of their potential and their role as true talents of the future, as well as believing that they are capable of reading the times they are in. We do all this within a framework that we consider essential, and follows the values of humanity, solidarity, mutual respect and familiarity, which have always set Sirmax apart.”