Gabriel-Chemie extends its near infra-red detectable black masterbatch product range

Gabriel-Chemie extends its…

Worldwide plastics recycling has been moving at a high pace. Most international brands have set themselves the goal to offer only recyclable-packed products by 2025, and the Gabriel-Chemie Group is contributing to reaching that goal by a further black, NIR detectable masterbatch with Cotrep* (Comité Technique pour le Recyclage des Emballages Plastiques - Technical Committee for the Recycling of Plastic Packaging) certification.

Diego Karpeles, Corporate Brand Manager at Gabriel-Chemie Group, explains that “in an aim to increase the NIR detection rate and recycling sorting rate of black packaging products, our group has got one more product certified by the French entity Cotrep; our customer and global brands can rely on a further Gabriel-Chemie black shaded, NIR-detectable and also officially certified product.” Michael Heindl, Team Leader Customer Projects Team (Part of TD LAB AT), explains the properties and advantages of this product.

“Maxithen HP9AB1897 is PE-based, can be injected, compressed, processed to films on boards, it has a high hiding power, is food contact approved according to EU and US norms, and it is iron oxide-free.”

Furthermore, the PE-based Maxithen HP9AB1897 has its PPbased “twin brother”, Maxithen PP9AB1707, which presents the same optical and technical properties and is also Cotrep-certified.