FCS’s 2023 "New Vision"

FCS’s 2023 "New Vision"

With the trend of sustainable development, the development of plastic technology changes rapidly and centers on the green cycle (GreenTech), net-zero carbon reduction (CarbonTech), and medical materials related to people’s health (MediTech). The major brands’ R&D focus on the innovative application of advanced materials, recyclable products, and energy-saving processes.

Under the trend of ESG/SDGs, FCS has also achieved outstanding results in actual practice in plastic material innovation this year:


Cooperated with Milliken Chemical, the FA-160e advanced servo hydraulic IMM applied the low-carbon and high-clarity polypropylene produced with Millad NX 8000 to medical syringes.

Advanced servo hydraulic injection molding machine (FA Series)

GreenTech + CarbonTech

FCS and TienKang, the leader of footwear equipment, joined hands to promote Gentrex midsole physical foaming technology, which is based on the microcellular foaming injection molding machine. Compared with traditional chemical foaming technology, physical foaming technology can reduce carbon emissions by about 60%. And the shoe midsole made by thermoplastic elastomeric micro-foaming can also be recycled, which contributes to the Green Cycle.

MuCell system