Domo’s Econamid sustainable polyamide - now even more eco-friendly

Domo’s Econamid sustainable…

Domo Chemicals, a leader in sustainable polyamide solutions, has begun using a new sustainable black masterbatch based on recycled material to complement the recycled base polymer in its Econamid brand of sustainable polyamides. Econamid, based on recycled industrial waste, is a benchmark in the industry when it comes to performance level and quality consistency, lot after lot.

The new ingredient is Cabot Corporation’s Techblak PE1003 black masterbatch. This uses a post-industrial recycled PE carrier as an alternative to virgin polymer, with similar mechanical processing characteristics. Techblak PE1003 black masterbatch has been developed for standard compounding and is specifically designed to help the industry lower its carbon footprint, as well as increase the amount of recycled content in end products.

The introduction of this new recycled masterbatch helps meet the evolving circularity needs of the plastics industry and helps the company support sustainability targets across a wide variety of industries, while maintaining optimal performance.

“As the industry seeks more sustainable solutions to comply with global environmental and labelling standards, we are pleased to offer masterbatches that increase the amount of recycled and secondary content in end products,” said Rainer Bechtold, global marketing director, Specialty Compounds, Cabot Corporation. “We are proud that our product has a strong sustainable benefit and helps plastic manufacturers around the globe lower their carbon footprint.”

“Introducing this new solution in our formulation is only one of the steps we are taking to make our circular solutions and the entire company more sustainable.” said Dany Postelmans, Circular Solutions Manager at Domo. “We are well aware of the need for change and are taking steps towards transition to more sustainable processes.

“Sustainability is deeply anchored in Domo’s vision and is one of four strategic pillars for the Group. Domo is committed to ambitious targets by 2030, including achieving zero emissions growth versus 2019, a 15% reduction in the carbon content of the company’s energy mix, and a 7% reduction of industrial waste. Ultimately, the aim is to become climate neutral by 2050.”

Domo is a co-founder of Circularise Plastics, an initiative using blockchain technology to establish better traceability for plastics across the value chain, allowing all actors to confidently choose sustainable options. Domo believes this step could greatly contribute to fostering responsibility and trust within the industry while minimizing concerns about confidentiality.

“Our vision is for a world where plastic never becomes waste or pollution and is always recovered and reintroduced into the production loop, becoming the base for new objects. It will be a challenging journey, but only by coming together we will have a chance to succeed,” added Thomas Nuyts, Global Product Manager Advanced Materials at Domo.