Domo and Ultrapolymers extend distribution partnership to include all Technyl solutions

Domo and Ultrapolymers extend…

Domo Chemicals, a leading producer of engineering materials and Ultrapolymers, the pan-European distribution company, have announced a European distribution partnership. The acquisition of Solvay’s European Performance Polyamides Business (Polytechnyl) by Domo initiated a change in Technyl products distribution structure. From May 1, 2020, in addition to offering Domo’s historical range of products, Ultrapolymers will operate as the pan-European distributor for the company’s Technyl products.

Ultrapolymers, part of the Ravago Group, is a leading polymer distributor, which was established in Belgium in October 2002. With 27 legal entities across Europe, Turkey and South Africa, Ultrapolymers sells to customers in over 40 countries. Their 45 warehouses are located in strategically close proximity to customers to ensure safe and fast deliveries.

Marc Swatosch, European Product Manager at Ultrapolymers states: “Through this partnership with Domo, one of the largest players in the polyamide market, we will be able to broaden our offering with a top quality PA6 and PA66 portfolio into all European countries. Ultrapolymers’ existing Domamid and Econamid customers can expect to enjoy the same standards of service, but with an even broader offering.”

From May 1, Ultrapolymers will distribute the complete Domo portfolio of PA6 and PA66, PPA and PPS based technical polymers sold under the Technyl, Domamid, Thermec and Econamid brands.

Besides being the number 2 polyamide producer in Europe, Domo has focused on the development of sustainable solutions. With the Polytechnyl acquisition, the company’s sustainable product range has expanded significantly.

It has added the Technyl 4Earth grades to the portfolio, which has been developed using recycled airbag fabric wastes.

Ron Bult, EP Global Sales Director at Domo, says: "The partnership we have with Ultrapolymers has been very successful from the outset. Ultrapolymers is reliable, easy to work with, professional and always looking to provide commercial and technical solutions. By extending our partnership to include the Polytechnyl business, we can now reach end users across all European countries and respond quickly to fulfill the needs of small to medium sizes customers across the continent.”

The transition to Ultrapolymers will take two months. In order to ensure a seamless transition for customers and business continuity, the two companies have created a Q&A document which outlines all the practical details of this important change.

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