Danish impact start-up New Loop cooperates with Jokey

Danish impact start-up New…

New Loop and Jokey set a full circular economy in motion: New Loop uses recyclable returnable packaging from Jokey to set up a digitalized deposit system in Scandinavia. New Loop has an ambitious goal: to establish a unified, digital deposit system for takeaway and convenience packaging. The Jokey Group as a cooperation partner supplies insulating coffee cups, sushi trays and salad bowls for the reusable system. "The future-oriented cooperation with New Loop marks a milestone on the way to creating a closed-loop, resource-conserving circular economy and an increased awareness of the importance of reusable packaging," underlines Jens Stadter, CEO Jokey Group.

Washable take-away packaging

New Loop provides the digital solution and coordinates the participating takeaway providers. Partner companies handle the collection of the packaging from the collection points, the washing process and the redelivery to the take-away providers. New Loop has introduced the re-use system in Copenhagen and will be expanding it throughout Denmark and Scandinavia. "The partnership between Jokey and New Loop will revolutionize takeaway packaging. Our goal is to create a value chain in which everything from the production of the packaging to its use and return to the washing process will be CO2-reduced," explains Gitte Saaby Kjaer, co-founder and CEO of New Loop.

Multiple "loops" per service package

New Loop’s partners include fast-food chains, meal delivery services, snack bars and other users of reusable packaging. A deposit is charged on all reusable packaging. The consumer scans the packaging via app before returning it and then gets the deposit refunded to his account. The packaging can be washed and used multiple times. Both the cup and the sushi trays and salad bowls are made of pure polypropylene and are therefore 100% recyclable. At the end of their life cycle, Jokey and other partners take the packaging back. They are regranulated and reused by Jokey for the production of new packaging.

Pioneer on the way to a Circular Economy

As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of plastic packaging, the Jokey Group has been committed to sustainability and the transition from a linear to a fully circular economy for many years. The manufacturer produces recycled packaging for the non-food industry and develops containers made of recycled materials for the food sector. To further promote the more sustainable use of plastic packaging, the Jokey Group works with associations and environmental protection organizations. For example, as part of a transformation cooperation with the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), the company is pursuing the strengthening of the circular economy as a common goal.