Clariant announces cooperation with Haelixa

Clariant announces cooperation… Clariant, a leader in specialty chemicals, today announced a cooperation with Haelixa, a Swiss startup with expertise in DNA-based tracers and a spin-off from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in Zurich (Switzerland).

As part of this cooperation, Clariant has acquired a minority stake in Haelixa to support the further development of Haelixa's DNA-based tracing and tagging technology. "Haelixa's technology shows great promise in several product categories and applications which are relevant to Clariant. We are therefore delighted to work with Haelixa and are committed to further developing and commercializing this exciting technology", said Richard Haldimann, Clariant's Head of New Business Development.

For Clariant, the cooperation with Haelixa exemplifies its commitment to focus on innovation through R&D as part of its holistic approach to creating value for all stakeholders. In addition to the extensive R&D activities conducted in-house, including at its Innovation Center in Frankfurt (Germany), Clariant recognizes the importance of open innovation as a method to access promising technologies developed by other large corporations, startups and universities.

Source: Clariant