Chinaplas 2019 outlining a bright future for the packaging industry

Packaging industry to find a way out and pursue an alternative path

As the market competition becomes progressively fierce, and the printing and packaging industries step into a micro-profit era with extremely low profits, how do enterprises extricate themselves out of the low-level homogeneity price competition? How to develop properly while fulfilling social responsibilities? How to reduce the pressure of recruitment difficulty and increasing labor cost? We know that robots will never take over all human jobs in the packaging industry. However, working efficiency and profits derived from products can be boosted through effective resource integration and higher level of automation, which is also the only way for companies nowadays to survive and grow business.

IML lids with spoon automation solution by Switek Technology Automation Co., Ltd. can produce up to 160,000 pieces of such IML lids with spoon daily. The new system will have all the steps, from the IML injection molding to packing, done automatically, significantly reducing the labor costs. At the same time, secondary contamination is prevented throughout the processing to ensure food safety. The solution is applicable to the manufacturing of spoon-in-lid packaging for ice cream and yoghurt cups.

Jandi's Industrial Co., Ltd. will showcase their manufacturing line for biodegradable T-shirt bags, where the steps of processing raw materials, film blowing, printing, bag manufacturing, recycling of residual materials and automatic packing all take place in a single production line, reducing workspace, managing costs, and human errors. As hot films are immediately processed, the sealing quality is satisfactory. The residual materials are recycled right away as well. Green materials are an excellent option because they are clean, simple, economical and energy-saving, resulting in lower carbon emission and carbon footprint. The solution can be used for single-layer blown films, high/low-density polyethylene, biodegradable raw materials or ABA three-layer blown films.

Powerjet Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. will showcase the EB70UE full electric extrusion blow molding machine at the show. Compared to traditional pneumatic/hydraulic extrusion blow molding machines, EB70UE has a rotary speed that is one-third higher and can save about 70% energy. The entire operation process of the motor is controlled by a central computer in real time. Real-time parameters can be detected and adjusted to achieve intelligent control. The speed of moving and clamping the molds are greatly improved. With sufficient clamping force provided, no additional load is generated on the driving elements. A special insertion rod control program controls the servo motor precisely to ensure that there is no hard collision between the mold opening and the insertion rod, on the premise that the bottle opening is molded perfectly. The solution is mainly applicable to the manufacturing of packaging and containers for food and pharmaceutical products.

Sneak peek at concurrent events

The show will not only feature more than 3,500 exhibitors but also will organize a series of concurrent events to explore how upstream and downstream enterprises can work together to overcome business hardships, enabling the packaging industry to flourish.

  • With "consumption upgrade" and the rapid growth of the young population, consumers look for aesthetically pleasing, environmentally friendly and healthy products of better quality which can fit their needs. Experts from different fields, such as world-leading suppliers of green materials, major manufacturers of the flexible packaging industry and product brands will be invited to the forum “Innovative Development of Packaging Materials under the New Consumption Trend” to explore how innovative development of functional packaging materials can respond to the new consumption trend.
  • The "2019 Flexible Plastic Packaging Technology Seminar (Guangzhou)" provides a platform for policy experts, technical experts of leading enterprises and representatives of end users to share about policies, new materials, new processes, and new equipment, serving as a bridge between the demand side and the supply side of technology.
  • The "Plastics Recycling & Circular Economy Conference and Showcase" will be held in Guangzhou on May 20, 2019 (a day before the opening of CHINAPLAS) with the themes of "Material Science for Sustainability", "Recycling Technology" and "Environmental Packaging", focusing on issues which participants in the industry are concerned with.
  • In response to the global trend of Industry 4.0, "Industry 4.0 Factory of the Future" will display a smart factory, which simulates the production environment of the manufacturing industry in the future.
  • The "Tech Talk" is an open forum which gathers the highlights of the show and displays the latest and hottest products and technology of the year, with prominent topics eminently practical and highly applicable to the plastics and rubber industries. The event not only reveals important technological breakthroughs achieved by the exhibitors and excellent enterprises in the industries but also provides a platform for professional buyers to quickly learn about the industries’ dynamics.

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