Borealis, Borouge and NOVA Chemicals are “Building Tomorrow Together” at the K 2019

Introducing Borcycle, an ever-evolving recycling technology

Combining state-of-the-art technology with profound Borealis polymer expertise, Borcycle transforms plastic waste streams into value-adding, versatile recycled polyolefins (rPO). It expands the company’s existing virgin polyolefins portfolio with pioneering circular solutions for a wide range of sophisticated applications. The first of several new rPO compound launches is Borcycle MF1981SY, containing over 80% recycled material and designed for use in household appliances. Bosch vacuum cleaner parts made with this new compound will be on display at the K 2019 stand.

Existing post-consumer recyclate (PCR) grades currently marketed as Daplen, including those used for automotive applications, will be rebranded as Borcycle.

Borealis and Neste begin strategic co-operation to accelerate circularity and bioeconomy in plastics

The co-operation of Borealis and Neste will enable Borealis to start using Neste’s 100% renewable propane produced with Neste’s proprietary NEXBTL technology as renewable feedstock at its facilities in Kallo and Beringen, Belgium, starting end of 2019. Borealis’ unique propane dehydrogenation (PDH) and polypropylene (PP) plant set-up in Kallo will enable the company to start offering bio-based propylene and consequently bio-based PP in which renewable content can be physically verified and measured.

Driving tomorrow with global collaboration and innovation

Borealis and Borouge are supporting the global automotive industry by engineering lighter weight, high-performance solutions for a growing range of automotive parts. Taking centre stage at the joint K 2019 stand is the NIO ES8. The flagship model of the successful Chinese electric vehicle maker NIO unites top material performance and sleek design; numerous interior and exterior parts have been produced using innovative Daplen and Fibremod compounds. Other automotive highlights at the K 2019 include the launch of the next generation of Fibremod Carbon solutions based on second-use carbon fibre. Two new low-density material solutions, Fibremod CG210SY and Fibremod CD211SY, offer even better surface aesthetics and mechanical properties.

Value chain collaboration produces novel circular solutions for flexible consumer packaging

Borealis, Borouge, and Henkel have collaborated on the development of novel and highly circular flexible packaging solutions. Two stand-up pouches combine virgin polyethylene (PE) and high amounts of PCR. These solutions offer even better packaging circularity while maintaining excellent shelf appeal. One pouch developed in the course of this value chain co-operation contains 30% Ecoplast-produced PCR, and will be showcased at the joint K 2019 stand.

PP and PE-based monomaterial solutions for the most demanding consumer packaging applications

In collaboration with several value chain partners, Borealis and Borouge have developed a series of new, monomaterial pouch solutions based on PE and PP which expand the range of more sustainable options for the flexible packaging industry. Designed specifically for recyclability, the new stand-up pouches are suitable for the most demanding consumer packaging applications. Several of the pouches, including one containing 35% PCR, will be on display at the K stand.

Launching new BorPure designed for flip-top cap applications

Borealis announces the commercial launch of BorPure RF777MO. Based on the proprietary Borstar Nucleation Technology, this new resin fulfils value chain demand for high-quality solutions offering excellent organoleptics. As next generation random polypropylene (PP), BorPure RF777MO has been designed for use in flip-top caps, a growing caps and closures market segment. Hinged caps made using this new resin are especially robust and, as a monomaterial solution, 100 % recyclable. For certain caps applications, this resin offers proven cycle time reductions of more than 10 % thanks to fast crystallisation behaviour.

“Stepping up collaboration with our customers and value chain partners has enabled us to take great strides towards a more circular economy of plastics,” claims Borealis CEO Alfred Stern. “We are proud and pleased to be able to showcase at the K 2019 the most recent success stories generated in co-operation. In every field of endeavour – from consumer packaging to automotive, to mechanical recycling and beyond - we are applying our circular mind-set to designing, developing, and bringing to the market novel polyolefins-based solutions with enhanced circularity. We look forward to sharing these innovations with our visitors at K 2019.”