Biesterfeld and Evonik: Strategic partnership in the polyurethane segment

Biesterfeld and Evonik: Strategic… Biesterfeld Spezialchemie GmbH and Evonik Nutrition & Care GmbH's Comfort & Insulation business segment have concluded a strategic partnership for the distribution of polyurethane additives throughout Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Eastern Europe and Russia. Consequently Biesterfeld is significantly enhancing its portfolio within the polyurethane segment.

PU additives provided by Biesterfeld offer solutions for all polyurethane applications. Within the furniture industry, these additives are used in upholstery materials, mattress as well as pillow production. Thanks to their properties, additives lead to improved insulation properties as well as higher energy efficiency levels and are thus used in many areas within the construction industry. Improved seating comfort as well as lower levels of noise and vibrations form the basis for its use within the automotive industry. There are also many product solutions for compact systems.

Evonik's product range includes TEGOSTAB silicone stabilisers as well as DABCO, POLYCAT, TEGOAMIN and KOSMOS catalysts, but also TEGOCOLOR colour paste as well as ORTEGOL and VERSALINK high-performance additives. TEGOSTAB silicone stabilisers influence the raw materials' emulsification and cell nucleation to guarantee foam stabilisation. Available catalysts control the reaction profile and comply with environmental standards, such as CertiPur, VDA278 or Oeko-Tex. TEGOCOLOR pigment dispersions are mainly used in decorative foam materials and to highlight foam materials. Available ORTEGOL and VERSALINK branded, high-performance additives regulate specific properties, such as reduced abrasion, electrical conductivity or end products' resistance to cracks.

"Thanks to the partnership with Evonik we are continuing the established collaboration with Air Products' "Performance Materials Division" (PMD), acquired by Evonik in 2017. We are looking forward to the positive development and to strengthening the partnership with Evonik", explains Henning Hermann, Market Manager for Polyurethane, Biesterfeld Spezialchemie. "With our enhanced cooperation, we are massively improving our additive portfolio with Evonik as the market leader in the PU industry. This step perfectly matches Biesterfeld's strategic position, defined by application-specific consulting and enhancing the business within the context of CASE applications."

"By acquiring PMD, we have severely boosted our product and customer complexity levels. For this reason, we have taken targeted measures to adapt our sales structure. With Biesterfeld we can fall back on an established and reliable partner that matches our philosophy – close customer proximity, good levels of application-specific consulting and outstanding logistics", explains Thomas Faenger, Vice President EMEA of the Comfort & Insulation business segment.

Source: Biesterfeld
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