Berry offers rPET for food packs

Berry offers rPET for food…

Berry has launched some of its most popular and top-selling thermoformed and injection stretch blow moulded food packs manufactured in recycled PET (rPET). rPET is now available in the following Berry thermoformed pots and containers ranges - CombiPac, CombiRound, SuperLight, Spoon-in-lid and DeliPac as well as the company’s injection stretch blow moulded PET range.

One of PET’s major benefits is that the material is recyclable. The manufacture of containers in rPET not only cuts down on the use of virgin materials but also provides a circular solution since the rPET container itself can also be recycled where systems are available. Equally important, the containers retain the high-quality performance and appearance of those made solely with virgin PET.

"In Europe, PET is one of the most commonly used types of plastic packaging material and, fortunately, also widely recycled," commented Roland Lingman, Director Sales and Marketing, Berry Nordic. "Its stiffness and high transparency are valuable assets. Plus, it has good barrier protection properties. All these qualities remain intact in our rPET packaging solutions, and therefore they are suitable for many different types of food products."

The introduction of the rPET containers is an important part of Berry Global’s Impact 2025 sustainability strategy, which aims to help customers meet and exceed their sustainability goals. One of the Impact 2025 targets is that 100 percent of the company’s fast-moving consumer products will be reusable, recyclable and/or compostable by 2025. The current total is 86 percent.