Arburg donates a further 400,000 euros to international aid projects for Ukraine

Arburg donates a further 400,000…

Arburg donates to the Ukraine cause: in order to help those affected by the war in as many ways as possible, Arburg’s partners have donated the generous sum of 400,000 euros to two organisations: Doctors Without Borders and SOS Children’s Villages. The organisations have received 200,000 euros each to aid their humanitarian and medical work in response to the war in Ukraine.  

People are a priority for the Arburg family-owned company and its partners. This means that supporting those in need is always close to their hearts. So, in April, they launched a company-wide fundraising effort to support the Freudenstadt district’s Ukraine aid fund. The effort raised 50,000 euros in employee contributions, which the company’s partners topped up to 150,000 euros in total. To provide further aid to people in Ukraine, an additional 200,000 euros each has been donated to two international organisations, “Doctors Without Borders” and “SOS Children’s Villages”.

SOS Children’s Villages help children and families
The SOS Children’s Villages "Ukraine: humanitarian aid for children and families" project began as soon as the war broke out. As well as emergency aid in the immediate term, families are supported in the long term. The charity’s work includes providing transport to safe locations, housing in rental properties or SOS Children’s Villages facilities in neighbouring countries, essential supplies, toiletries and bedding as well as medical aid and psychosocial support.

Doctors Without Borders: medical and humanitarian aid
“Doctors Without Borders” are working in over 70 countries to save lives. They will also use the donation to respond to the war in Ukraine. The charity is providing a wide range of support: aside from delivering medical and humanitarian aid supplies, they are training staff in Ukrainian hospitals, treating patients in mobile clinics and evacuating people using trains converted for medical purposes. They are also providing care for refugees in bordering regions.

Arburg Managing Partners Renate Keinath, Michael Hehl and Juliane Hehl (from left) with the symbolic “Doctors Without Borders” and “SOS Children’s Villages” cheques.