Ampacet launches ProVitalTM+ Colors, medical-grade color masterbatch solutions

Ampacet launches ProVitalTM+…

Ampacet, a global masterbatch leader, has introduced ProVitalTM+ Colors, a range of medical-grade color solutions specifically designed for pharmaceutical packaging, medical devices and in-vitro diagnostic equipment.  

The choice of the appropriate material and color at the early stage of the product design helps brand owners to minimize number of tests, development costs and reduce time to market.  Produced under strict hygienic manufacturing conditions and consistent process parameter windows, ProVital+ Colors meet the high standards required for medical grade plastics, delivering peace of mind to manufacturers of medical equipment and pharmaceutical primary packaging.

Ampacet ProVital+ Colors are formulated with raw materials pre-tested for biocompatibility under ISO 10993 and with a strict no-change policy.  This product range is characterized by a high level of quality, reliability and consistency.  

In addition to the standard ProVital+ Colors range, custom solutions can be designed with the pre-tested pigments and different polymers.

For more information on Ampacet ProVital+ Colors as well as the full Ampacet ProVital and ProVital+ product range, email