Wittmann Battenfeld at the K 2022 - pioneering technologies in a new design

Saving resources with light-weight technology

In addition to its exhibits of machinery and equipment, Wittmann Battenfeld will also present its latest developments in Airmould internal gas pressure technology. The items to be showcased are the new Airmould 4.0 pressure control module and the new manual operating unit for this technology. At an Airmould / Cellmould Center, expert engineers from the company will be on site to advise visitors concerning the use of Airmould technology and Cellmould structured foam technology. Both of these technologies enable significant reductions of material input in the production of plastic parts, with a simultaneous positive effect on part weights and production costs.

Focusing on energy consumption

All machines shown at the Wittmann Battenfeld booth as well as the IMD/IML application on a SmartPower exhibited at the Wittmann booth and the EcoPower machine presented at the VDMA Circular Economy Forum are equipped with the IMAGOxt energy management software. IMAGOxt is a proprietary development from Wittmann Digital Srl., previously ICE-Flex Srl. / Milan, Italy, which provides scalable display and visualization of the energy consumptions of the machines and equipment connected. The program also calculates directly the CO2 consumption and energy savings already realized. All values calculated can be documented in reports and thus remain available for long-term analyses. This program is available as a web application either in the form of an optional extension to the TEMI+ MES program from Wittmann or as a stand-alone program.

At a TEMI+ Expert Center specially created for this purpose at Wittmann Battenfeld’s K fair booth, visitors to the fair will have an opportunity to gather detailed information about the TEMI+ MES program and the IMAGOxt energy management software, as well as to receive advice concerning energy management improvements and resulting cost cuts for their own company.

Wittmann HoloVerse - voice control and mixed reality

At the K fair 2022, Wittmann will show a comprehensive study about modern possibilities of intuitive interaction with injection molding machines and parts removal robots. In a research project conducted over several years, the possibility of voice and gesture control of a Wittmann Battenfeld injection molding machine equipped with a B8 control system and a Wittmann robot with an R9 control system has been developed. The work cell, to which voice control and augmented reality have been added, consists of a SmartPower 120 and a W918 robot.

IMD/IML technology for decorated and functionalized surfaces

At its booth in hall 12, Wittmann will present a manufacturing line to make decorated and functionalized surfaces. This is a joint project of the companies Wittmann Battenfeld, Leonhard Kurz, a producer of functional films and film feeding equipment, and Syntech Plastics, a supplier of IMD technology. The equipment is laid out flexibly to accommodate IMD with a feeding unit, IMD with film pre-heating, IMD Vario with pre-heating and thermoforming, as well as insert molding. It includes a SmartPower 300 machine, a W846 robot with a fixed demolding axis and specially developed gripper technology, together with Wittmann auxiliary components, IMD components from KURZ, and hardening and cleaning technology supplied by Baier. The SmartPower 300 is specially equipped with the Expert-Coining package, which permits parallel mold movements during the injection process. On this line a close-to-series production, fully functional conceptual component for an automotive headliner will be manufactured.

Machines showcased at other exhibitors’ booths

At the booth of IKV Aachen, hall 14, C16, a stackable sorting box made of Systalen polypropylene with a color masterbatch on 100% PCR carrier material will be manufactured on a SmartPlus 120/525 with the new B8X control system, using a single-cavity mold supplied by Kroma International, Germany. With the production of this item consisting of 100% PCR, an internal mold pressure control system developed by IKV will be presented, which ensures consistent parts quality regardless of batch fluctuations when processing post-consumer recyclates.

Another machine from the SmartPlus series, a SmartPlus 60/210, will be showcased at the booth of the Hungarian Plastics Industry Association, hall 8b, booth H79. On this machine, biodegradable coffee capsules made of water-soluble PVA and a biomaterial blend will be produced with a 4-cavity mold from Somplast, Hungary.

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