Tomra Recycling’s technology takes center stage in the UAE’s first automated sorting plant

A flexible, futureproof solution

Mr. Mahmood Rasheed, Chief Operating Officer at Imdaad, comments: “We were already familiar with Tomra Recycling Sorting’s technology because they have successfully installed numerous sensor-based sorting systems in the Middle East. The company has an excellent reputation as a pioneer and leader in sensor-based sorting technology, with an extensive range of application knowledge. By working closely with our team in the design process, Tomra Recycling Sorting has helped to deliver a highly automated and highly efficient plant that is achieving fantastic rates of recovery and purity with minimal requirement for manual sorting. The flexibility of the Autosort technology and the ease of upgrading in the future should we need to mean that we have a future-proof solution. We can’t overempha the positive impact Tomra’s knowledge, expertise and technology have had on our business.”

Autosort and much more

With up to 320,000 scan points per second, Tomra's Autosort high-resolution sensors collect data on multiple characteristics at high speed to ensure accurate identification of a wide range of materials. To put this into context: Tomra's optical sorter can analyze and sort the equivalent of a soccer stadium covered in trash in less than 15 minutes.

Autosort combines state-of-the-art features and technologies in one machine. Compact and flexible in construction, it allows easy integration into existing or new installations. Thanks to Flying Beam technology (the first NIR scanning system used point scanning), excellent homogeneous light distribution is guaranteed for better detection and monitoring across the entire belt width, distinguishing even the finest molecular differences of materials flowing along the line.

The latest generation of Autosort also incorporates Sharp Eye technology as standard, which ensures improved light efficiency and sorting clarity, facilitating the separation of difficult-to-sort fractions such as PET from bottles and trays.

The optional integration of Tomra's Deep Laiser technology also enables the detection of previously undetectable materials and further increases purity levels.