Technological innovation as a driver for a sustainable profitability

Technological innovation as…

Sustainability and profitability are the two main drivers in the future global industry. Sustainability means also developing solutions which help using raw materials in the most efficient way and without depleting the planet’s resources.

Moretto has been very active in the energy efficiency field for many years. More than 6% of the annual turnover is reinvested every year in R&D activities aimed to develop energy efficient solutions which help reducing the carbon footprint. Moretto has also developed a whole range of automation systems dedicated to the recycling segment, for treating material coming from both pre and post-consumer waste.
“To imagine a world without plastic means ignoring progress. Rather, it is important to rethink its production, use, processing and recycling in an increasingly sustainable way" – says Silvia Moretto, Marketing Manager.

The processors are more and more looking for advanced equipment able to work not only with virgin materials but also with high percentages of recycled materials. Global regulations push for an increase of use of this kind of materials and their enhancement. Moretto products for the recycling process cover all phases before injection moulding or extrusion – grinders for pre and post-consumer waste material, devices for flakes, chips and regrind material storage and treatment and dehumidifying dryers for large quantities of recycled materials. Solutions that will be exposed at Greenplast, Hall 14 - Stand B51.
“A missing event among the several well-known exhibitions focus on plastic material and equipment. Of course, it will contribute to present plastic from a new point of view, that of sustainability” - continues Silvia Moretto.

Among the products that assure a quality process in terms of recycling there are the crystallization systems. Moretto MPK Krystallizer is a system designed to crystallize post-consumer materials, regrind and washed ready to be transformed.


Perfectly treated they can be used with virgin plastic polymers in other production processes. MPK stands out for its high energy efficiency, ease of use and cleaning, essential features in machinery that process post-consumer material, especially to limit production changeover times. The drop down cone with assisted device allows the operator to quickly proceed with cleaning and maintenance activities, an exceptional usability factor in a machine that process critical materials such as regrind and/or flakes. The homogeneous handling of the regrind material is ensured by the particular structure of the internal mixer shaft with removable blades that can be adapted to the different types of treated material avoiding the formation of lumps. MPK is equipped with the Vortex filtration device which intercepts the dust of the process circuit and increases its autonomy. The Purex condensate separator filters the material flow back capturing and removing oily and/or resinous substances contained in the vapors, impurities typically present in materials of post-consumer origin. Purex contains emissions into the atmosphere, which are harmful to people and environment. Equipped with an intuitive touch control graphic interface, this system can be connected to the other system automations via web and remotely controlled through Mowis, the supervision software which completes connectivity via OPC UA, ETHERNET, MODBUS.
MPK is only one of the innovative Moretto solutions dedicated to the processing of post-consumer material that can be viewed at Greenplast.

Moretto offers a full range of dosers suitable for the calibration of virgin material, regranulates and/or additives blends. Gravimetric batch and loss-in-weight dosers are available with productions up to 12 tons per hour and dedicated to the treatment of any material type. Regranulate, virgin, regrind, flakes, powder; a wide range of applications up to 12 components.


Moretto expresses the issues of sustainability and energy saving not only in the products, but also in the daily working life promoting eco-responsible activities and investments that involve the whole company. Hence the "Be Tomorrow" project for reducing the environmental impact of production processes balancing the company's economic, ecological and social objectives. Among the various initiatives, there are the only use of green energy in the different plants of the company and the monitoring of the resources consumption through the installation in each factory of a consumption detector. This allows to organize the production processes according to energy efficiency.  

One of the Moretto's goals is to help spread the culture of the intelligent use of plastic. Recycling is a necessary path in the future landscape and must be faced with professionalism and determination respecting people and environment. The production of auxiliary equipment for the production and treatment of PIR and PCR material is only one of the field in which the company is engaged. Other distinctive aspects are the high efficiency and the high technology degree used. More technology means better results, improving the product performance means improving our future.

Moretto awaits you at Green Plast, Hall 14 - Stand B51.