Strategic cooperation in Mexico for flexible packaging machines between Gepp and Amut

Strategic cooperation in Mexico…
"For two years Gepp has been considering to start its own internal production of shrink and stretch film in order to optimize packaging costs for all its dedicated plants around Mexico. The aim of the project is to produce more than 14.000 tons/year of shrink film and more than 4.500 tons /year of stretch film. We needed to find a partner with a strong knowledge on both blown and cast technology, capable to supply Grupo Gepp with state of the art solutions to achieve this strategic goal. We made up our mind for Amut Group" says Mr Geronimo Rotundo, Director of Proplasa, the vertical integration for plastic of Grupo Gepp, S.A.P.I. d e C.V. during the acceptance test of the first blown line ready to be delivered.

"The supply includes: three co-ex lines for blown PE shrink film, one cast line for stretch film, one slitting machine, a system for the recovery of flawed rolls, chiller, piping for water distribution plus an intensive training programme for Gepp technicians" says Riccardo Castello, Amut Dolci Extrusion Division Sales Director. With Amut machines, Gepp will produce shrink & wrapping film for beverage items in order to bundle them. "We've been asked to supply a turnkey project to Gepp, including a local support for the installation, training and After Sales Service in the area of Mexico City" says Alberto Rincón, Sales Manager for Latin America area.

Since 2011, Gepp is one of the largest Bottlers operations company in Mexico and it is moreover the exclusive partner in charge of bottling for PepsiCo Mexican branch. Gepp has its own water brand, Epura, and collaborates also with other important brands, such as Gatorade, Lipton and 7Up, Cosecha Pura, Squirt, Garci Crespo among others. The three blown Extrusion lines are identical and each one has a 3-layer shrink PE film configuration, net width of 2.400 mm and capacity of 800 kg/h with 50 μ of thickness. The latest generation of "rising type" automatic ring performs an extremely precise thickness control with very low tolerance.

The cast line will produce 5-layer stretch film with net width of 1.500-mm. The line is based on 4 extruders with water cooled drives and the Prowind 4.0 super-fast winder (speed up to 1.000 m/min) suitable for hand, machines and jumbo rolls. The slitting machine - BVR model - has independent arms, reaches a speed up to 900 m/min and slits in-line rolls with Ø 800 mm. All lines branded Amut feature in-house designed and manufactured extruders suitable for every application. In this way customers are granted proven successful performances in polymers processing arising from Amut extensive experience in this field.


Source: Amut S.p.A.