RePlast Eurasia supported by EuPC

RePlast Eurasia supported…

The European Plastics Converters Association (EuPC), the umbrella organization for 50,000 companies in Europe, has become the supporter of the RePlast Eurasia Plastic Recycling and Raw Materials Fair to be held in Istanbul between May 2-4 this year in cooperation with the Green Transition and Technology Association (PAGÇEV) and TÜYAP. PAGÇEV President Yavuz Eroğlu said the following regarding EuPC's support: - RePlast Eurasia Plastic Recycling Technologies and Raw Materials Fair, which is the platform that will carry, Europe’s ambitious Green Transition programme forward in the region, will play a critical role in Green Transition and Greentech. While all the attention of our industry is on the steps that we will take in this regard, we see plastics recycling as an unmissable opportunity.

EuPC Managing Director Bernard Merkx & PAGÇEV President Yavuz Eroğlu joined forces for Green Transition with RePlast Eurasia Exhibition

PAGÇEV President Yavuz Eroğlu evaluating the cooperation to be established with EuPC during the RePlast Eurasia organization as an extremely important development in terms of Turkey's goals to become a part of Europeas Green Transition partner, said: - Since the day we started working for RePlast Eurasia, we have encountered intense interest from different parts of the world, especially from Europe. We believe that RePlast Eurasia and our country will be a centre for countries that see Turkiye's potential in this field and understand the importance of recycling in the world. We need to prioritise the importance of recycling, which is spreading rapidly in the world, not only in the plastics industry but also as all industrialists and exporters.


Türkiye is becoming the center of global recycling both by means of booming recycling investments and liberal waste feedstock policies. Thus Turkiye has availabilty of waste feedstock both domestically and by imports. As one of the largest importers of plastic waste and with its 80 million population and great tourist destinations Türkiye has high amounts of plastic waste feedstock generation. Parallel to booming industry, Turkish Recycling Machinery & Equipment Industry has made a great leap supplying both domestic and international demand. Türkiye is Europe’s second largest Plastics Goods Manufacturer after Germany with annual production level of 11 million tons.

RePlast Eurasia, Plastics Recycling Technology and Raw Materials Exhibition will be held by TÜYAP and PAGCEV Green Transition and Technology Association at in Istanbul between 2-4 May 2024. Eroğlu stated that a record was reached in online visitor registrations from abroad and that there would be a congress and award ceremony at the fair.