Piovan's novelties

The rotor solution adopted by the new Piovan Dryers HR Series allows the operator to effectively intervene on the process parameters, and to have at his disposal a flexible drying system which can be adjusted to the real production conditions. The rotor carries out an optimal moisture-molecular sieve exchange, with performances of 35 percent higher than the desiccant tower dryers with the same floor dimensions.

Both the continuous functioning cycle and the rotor`s design ensure no deterioration of the molecular sieves and higher duration of the absorption material.

The HR dryers can be combined with drying hoppers with a capacity from 100 to 600 dm3. In typical configurations, the drying hopper is installed on the processing machine or beside it, or placed on a trolley. Both single-hopper and PTU multi-hopper versions are available; they are particularly compact and equipped with devices for advanced functioning which result into optimised energy consumption.

New Piovan's machine

In the PTU multi-hopper configuration, the dryer can be connected with 8 drying hoppers maximum, all of which are equipped with a dedicated electronic control. Moreover every single drying hopper is supplied with an independent heating chamber for drying different materials at different temperatures.

The PTU system can also include an integrated vacuum unit, for loading the material into the drying hoppers of the trolley. In the multi-hopper version, the dryer includes the Drying Control function. According to the data set by the operator, the electronic system continuously checks the loading times of the drying hopper and the drying times, and signals any anomaly. In this way, it ensures optimal treatment of the material being processed.

Worth to mention is also the new CHW water-cooled series. It includes a wide range of chillers able to satisfy the cooling requirements of most applications of the plastics industry, in particular in the PET preform sector.

With a cooling capacity ranging from 100 kW to 670 kW, the CHW models are ideally suited for centralised installations, especially for applications characterised by quick mould changes or where no glycol is permitted in the cooling circuit. Everyone ought to know that condensed cooling is usually performed by means of an external cooling tower, which optimises performance and considerably reduces energy consumption. In case of installations in climates where the temperature may drop below 0°C, a glycol make-up kit must be considered.


Piovan is a leader in quality in the plastics material processing sector.




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