Octal`s new PET plastic plant to feature direct to sheet technology

- With less polymer degradation, we expect a pick up in both gloss, clarity and stiffness levels - said Stöger. - The integrity of the polymer is ideal for the sheet casting process, as the tighter the uniformity upstream, the tighter the mechanical and optical properties downstream. The uniformity of the sheet also allowed us to design a winder that constructs precision rolls with virtually unnoticeable weave and nearly perfect formation. We know that thermoformers benefit from this by being able to minimize side trim, which is a direct material savings.

Octal has engaged Fluor Enterprise, Inc. as its owner engineer and technology consultant. Fluor was also selected to manage the construction of the PET and APET sheet site in Salalah, Oman.

Mag Fouad, vice president of Chemical Technology for Fluor said: - The process linking the resin-making to the converting lines is proven in other applications and is highly robust. The uniformity of the resin fed to the sheet lines will be very tightly controlled, therefore the resulting sheet rolls will be uniform from lot to lot. This innovative approach introduced by Octal has clear advantages, not only in operating cost and low consumption of energy, but in being an environmentally conscious and forward-looking organisation.

Additionally, the technology reduces the energy footprint and enables a very compact construction footprint for economies in construction materials and real estate.

Octal`s additional 300,000 metric ton per year site is actually the second step in a carefully planned phased investment process. In fact, Octal started initial operations with a smaller scale traditional extrusion plant in December 2006.

With a capacity of 30,000 metric tons, it has been custom engineered to deliver superior quality APET sheet with consistent gauge, gloss and transparency. Octal has entered both the European and North American markets with this capacity and has been successful in validating the benefits of its precision sheet.

Numerous thermoformers in the United Kingdom, Europe, North America, India and China are experiencing sizable yield savings and appearance improvements. A large U.S. bakery, that has backward integrated into thermoforming its own trays, has selected Octal as its sole supplier for the sheet`s visual appeal and reliable processing. Octal`s scale will afford unlimited upside potential for supporting global packaging initiatives, and its reliable consistency will deliver the confidence for a large share of use at individual accounts.

Octal Holding SAOC, established in 2006, is rapidly becoming the world`s largest producer of APET sheet, delivering to brands and the packaging industry superior gauge control, gloss and transparency for rigid plastic packages. It is also in the process of becoming the largest manufacturer of PET in the Middle East. The company is setting the standard in APET packaging through its patented technology and proprietary processes, featuring the tightest gauge control and tolerances in the industry. With state-of-the-art manufacturing based in the Middle East, Octal has sales and customer support operations in the United States, Europe and Asia.