New polymer for transparent sun protection

New polymer for transparent sun protection
Nothing accelerates aging of the skin as much as solar radiation. Sun care cosmetics that offer a good level of protection while also feeling pleasant on the skin are therefore becoming increasingly popular. There is particularly high demand for transparent sun protection products such as sprays and gels, as these are easier to spread onto the skin than lotions and provide a layer of protection that is almost imperceptible but nonetheless highly effective.

At the in-cosmetics trade show in Barcelona from April 14 to 16, 2015, Bayer is exhibiting a recent product innovation that meets all of these requirements – Baycusan C 2000 (INCI: polyurethane 64). This ethanol-based polyurethane film former can be used to produce fully transparent sun protection solutions that deliver a high sun protection factor (SPF) and also feel great on skin.

Whether it is used in light sunscreen gels, practical aerosol sprays or nourishing sun oils, Baycusan C 2000 is compatible with all common UV protection substances and is easy to incorporate into the product. In comparison with other film formers, this polyurethane solution saves manufacturers time, energy and money, as it is not necessary to heat or neutralize the product.

In vivo tests have shown that using even small quantities of Baycusan C 2000 in sun protection formulations results in significantly higher SPF than conventional film formers. This effect has already been demonstrated in emulsion-based sun protection formulations using Baycusan C 1000, and has now been confirmed again.

Once applied, sun care products containing Baycusan C 2000 are fully waterproof and retain their protective function even if users jump into the water to cool down. This water resistance has been confirmed on ten test participants in compliance with guidelines from Colipa, the European cosmetic industry’s trade association. Using this film former, it is possible to create durably waterproof products that are ideal for particularly active adults and children.

With its exceptional sensory properties, Baycusan makes a tangible difference in sun protection products. New formulations containing the polyurethane solution ensure smooth application and easy absorption and leave the skin feeling great. What’s more, even those who like the feeling of wet skin when sunbathing can apply this effective sun protection directly, without causing a "milky" film or unwanted lumps to form. This is thanks to the film former's non-pilling effect.

A total of five new sun care formulations based on the Baycusan C 1000 and C 2000 lines are being exhibited at in-cosmetics under the new "Beauty made possible" slogan.