MSV 2015: A traditional industry meeting with new impulses

MSV 2015: A traditional industry… The most important show of industrial products and technologies in Central Europe this year is preparing a number of innovations. Already the 57th International Engineering Fair will be accompanied by special projects focusing on environmental technologies, transport and logistics. Cities and regions will begin to offer industrial sites and property at MSV. But the biggest news is the main theme of this year's edition, Industry 4.0, i.e. an automated and integrated industry, which will be the next development stage of industrial production.

The first industrial revolution of the 18th century is associated with the invention of the steam engine, the second is characterized by the onset of mass production and the third features the use of electronic systems and information technology. The upcoming fourth industrial revolution, according to experts, brings intelligent communication of industrial facilities across the supply and production chain, allowing far greater automation, but also tailoring of production and will lead to productivity growth. The Industry 4.0 Challenge was first mentioned in Germany several years ago. This new method of production should be based on the use of key advanced technologies, such as 3D printing, which has been given intense attention at the Brno MSV already in the last two years. This year, the presentations of innovative technologies will be even more intense and in cooperation with the Czech-German Chamber of Industry and Commerce a conference on 4.0 Industry with leading specialists on advanced technologies and their implementation into production will be held here.

But there are more news. For the first time, the MSV complex will host the International Fair of Environmental Protection Technology ENVITECH. The issue of industrial cleaning and reducing environmental burdens in industrial operations was present at MSV also in the past with a dedicated specialized unit, environmental technology. The importance of green technologies, however, continues to grow and this year will therefore be underlined by the separate ENVITECH exhibition with a nomenclature that also includes wastewater treatment, waste management and recycling or disposal of old environmental burdens.

MSV 2015

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