KraussMaffei at Fakuma 2021: "Efficiency meets sustainability"

Boost your performance – Digital solutions with customer benefits throughout the lifecycle

Digital solutions from KraussMaffei stand for a high machine availability, high product quality and low manufacturing costs, thus allowing a competitive edge to be gained. At Fakuma, KraussMaffei demonstrates new solutions for customer interaction along the entire value chain.

With socialProduction, the mobile app and Web application for injection molding machines, KraussMaffei combines the advantages of social media with cutting-edge production monitoring technology. The machines report to the users live in secure chat rooms. Working autonomously, socialProduction detects deviations in the production process at an earlier stage than ever before and elevates machine monitoring into a new era. liveCare is the upcoming KraussMaffei solution for status-oriented maintenance. Seamlessly integrated into socialProduction, wear statuses are continuously monitored and visualized.

Production monitoring at any time and anywhere: socialProduction as a desktop, smartphone and tablet application 

The cloud-based remoteSupport solution supports all series and technologies from KraussMaffei in any place and at any time. This does not only minimize downtimes, but also service costs. In addition to remote service (remoteAccess) for the machine control system, smartAssist is a video-collaboration app that adds intuitive human-to-human communication. Interactive AR annotations allow even complex tasks to be shown and explained via smartphone, tablet, computer or smartglasses.

Secure remote support is one click away:smartAssist as a desktop, smartphone and tablet application

The pioneersClub is KraussMaffei's "digital window". Customers worldwide take advantage of an easy and transparent access to digitalized data such as individualized documentation of the customer's machines, electronic tutorials for machine series as well as quick and easy availability checks and ordering for spare parts and retrofits.

Machine documentation and spare parts procurement, 24/7:The digital pioneersClub service platform

Make plastic green – Highly efficient extrusion technology for recycling tasks

Extrusion lines from KraussMaffei are particularly efficient for recycling tasks. They score with excellent melt homogeneity, a reduction of obtrusive odors and the targeted upcycling. 

EdelweissCompounding systems are an economic solution for recycling and compounding segregated post-consumer plastics. The ZE BluePower are distinguished by their increased volume and a high specific torque, which allows them to pick up and process the large-volume waste flawlessly. The result is maximum throughput with high quality.

ZE BluePower twin-screw extruders also provide the option for sustainable solvent-based plastics recycling. The objective of this is solvent-free recycled material that can be enhanced like virgin material. Through openings in the housing and a vacuum applied to them, the extruders safely extract the solvents from the melt. Depending on the requirements for the polymer being created, the process involves varying degrees of refinement. For instance, if you want to reduce the residual solvent content in the material from the original 30 down to 2 percent, a twin-screw extruder is sufficient. If degrees of purity in the ppm range must be reached, a twin-stage cascade is recommended.

Cost-effective recycling: The ZE BluePower twin-screw extruders are ideal for the recycling steps of plasticizing, degassing as well as re-pelletizing and re-compounding

Whether technologies or applications in injection molding, reaction or extrusion technology – in combination with the appropriate digital solutions, KraussMaffei will be demonstrating what is important at Fakuma using the example of selected system solutions. Maximum output, high product quality with simultaneously reduced life cycle costs and sustainable production. Just "Efficiency meets Sustainability".

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