K.D. Feddersen distributes recompounds from Aurora Kunststoffe GmbH

K.D. Feddersen distributes…

Since 2014, the Hamburg-based plastics distributor K.D. Feddersen has been cooperating with Aurora Kunststoffe GmbH, a manufacturer of high-quality engineering recompounds based in Neuenstein/Baden-Württemberg. Now the two companies have deepened their cooperation in this area, and the sales region has also been expanded to include the distributor's European subsidiaries. 

K.D. Feddersen is thus strengthening its wide range on engineering plastics and high-quality recompounds in order to meet the high demand for recycled or sustainable materials and to contribute to the circular economy. 

The portfolio includes numerous engineering polymers such as PA 6.6, PA 6, ABS, PC+ABS, PC, POM, PPS, PBT and many more. Depending on the product, these are available unfilled and/or or modified with a filler system. Customised solutions can also be realised together with the manufacturer. Numerous Aurora recompounds are already established with well-known OEMs and meet the strict requirements for series production. 

"Our sustainable plastic compounds are on a quality level with commercially available virgin compounds and meet the technical standards and emission specifications of the automotive industry, as well as the electrical and construction industries. Access to raw materials through certified suppliers, uncompromising incoming goods and production control, as well as many years of development work supported by a testing laboratory with the latest technology, are the basis on which our high-quality recompounds are built," says Thomas Rätzsch, Managing Director of Aurora Kunststoffe GmbH.

"Our customers benefit from recycled as well as environmentally friendly plastics with a high-quality property level and low CO2 footprint," says Hermann Legatzki, Head of Product Management at K. D. Feddersen. "By using recompounds, 8.64 kg of CO2 can be saved in relation to a 1 kg material, using the example of a PA 6.6 with impact modification." 

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