K.D. Feddersen and Futerro S.A. conclude distribution agreement

K.D. Feddersen and Futerro…

The Hamburg-based K.D. Feddersen Ueberseegesellschaft mbH a member of the international Feddersen Group, and the Belgian Futerro S.A. have concluded a distribution agreement for the sale of Polylactide (PLA) with immediate effect from 18 April 2024.

Futerro S.A. is a Belgian company that was the first to work on the development of lactic acid and polylactic acid (PLA) back in 1992. It has extensive industrial experience in lactic acid and PLA production and is continuously improving its processes to produce high quality PLA with improved properties.

PLA is a recognised biopolymer that can replace a large number of conventional petroleum-based plastics used in the following areas: Thermoforming, fibres and nonwovens, films and coatings, injection moulding, bottles, rotational moulding or in 3D printing.

"Futerro is one of the most progressive and innovative biotechnology and chemical companies in the biopolymer sector and holds more than 250 patents," says Karen Kaufmann, Director Polymers & Compounding Technology at K.D. Feddersen Ueberseegesellschaft mbH. "We are therefore very pleased to be able to offer our customers a sustainable alternative to fossil-based materials with this product portfolio in the future".


The contract includes the distribution of the Renew product family in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the UK, Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Serbia and Bulgaria.

The material currently still comes from the plant in China, but Futerro plans to have built a plant in France in Port-Jérôme-sur-Seine, near Le Havre, by 2027.

"By partnering with K.D. Feddersen Ueberseegesellschaft, we have taken another strategic step to accelerate the growth of our product sales in Europe, offering alternative, environmentally friendly solutions to replace fossil-based plastics," said Dr. Benoît Lecouvet, Chief Commercial Officer at Futerro. "K.D. Feddersen is a highly respected company with a strong track record of working with its customers. Our shared values and common vision for a more sustainable future make this partnership a perfect fit."