Increased production capabilities thanks to new plant in Poland

Increased production capabilities…

The international printing ink specialist hubergroup Print Solutions announced the opening of a state-of-the-art production plant in the Wroclaw area in Poland, which delivers to customers throughout Europe. In the new buildings, hubergroup produces water-based varnishes as well as solvent-based inks for flexography and gravure printing and has dosing lines for offset inks including UV inks. Additionally, the site comprises a laboratory with a customer and technical service department. More than 100 employees work at this site, which is hubergroup’s central service hub for Eastern Europe.

Cutting-edge production

While hubergroup has been operating a mixing station in Poland since 1992, the international printing ink specialist has now expanded the Polish branch to a production site. With this investment, hubergroup pays tribute to the good development of the branch and increases its production capabilities in Europe. The newly built plant incorporates cutting-edge production facilities for the company’s water-based varnishes of the Acrylac series and the solvent-based inks of the Gecko series. In addition to that, the site accommodates dosing lines for the mixing of conventional offset and UV curing inks as well as for hubergroup’s Tinkredible series, which is designed for printing on metal. As a central service hub for Eastern Europe, the site also incorporates a laboratory with a customer and technical service department. It is dedicated to all types of printing inks and supports printing houses from all over the world. The site in Wroclaw is hubergroup’s third production plant in Europe – next to plants in Celle, Germany, and Bolzano Vicentino, Italy.

An investment in the future

Production at the new site started in autumn 2020 and has gradually expanded since. Now, all production lines, offices, and the laboratory are fully operating. Dr. Janusz Cymanek, Manager of hubergroup Poland, says: “With the new plant, hubergroup has also invested in state-of-the-art facilities. We are happy that the site is now fully operating and that we can provide our customers with large quantities of high-quality printing inks and varnishes even faster now.” 

“The role of hubergroup Poland has changed: from a local service hub to an integrated European production facility,” adds Dirk Aulbert, Member of the Management Board of hubergroup. “We invested in modern production equipment and produce technologically advanced water-based varnishes in Wroclaw. The plant has been designed to enable us to grow even more. We are very proud that our Wroclaw team has been so actively involved in shaping all these changes.”